Deadliest Warrior

Deadliest Warrior is a tevelsion program in which information on historical or modern warriors/groups and their weapons are used to determine which of them is the “deadliest” based upon various tests performed during each episode. The show was known for its use of data compiled in creating a dramatic simulation of the warriors’ battle to the death. The simulations were played for multiple times until a clear winner was found. The show had 3 seasons and first aired on History TV 18 from 2009.

The Format

Episodes begun with the introduction of either two types of historical or contemporary warriors or two historical individuals. Two teams of experts were brought in to explain the ‘character’s’ history, weapons, cultures, tactics and special factors. Their general fighting philosophies were explored. The explanations were accompanied by segments showing actors performing dramatized scenes that are meant to depict the daily lives of the actual fighters. The different weapons were organized into four categories (and as of season 3, three categories) which were short range, mid range, long range, and special weapons.

The teams testes the assigned weapons on various targets including human silhouette targets, mannequins, pig and cattle carcasses, and ballistic gel torsos, heads, limbs, etc. Additionally, pressure mats, accelerometers, chronometers, and other measuring tools are used to test such figures as the striking force and speed of each weapon which were devised by Biomedical engineer Jeff Desmoulin.

The data collected from these weapons tests was fed into a computer simulation based on an unreleased commercial game engine to determine the average winner of one thousand battles. The winner of the episode was termed the ‘Deadliest Warrior’.


The show ran for 3 seasons. Season 1 episode list had the likes of Apache v Gladiator, Spartan v Ninja, Green Berets v Spetsnaz.

Season 2 included:

-SWAT v GSG-9(German Special Forces)

-Roman Centurion v Rajput Warrior

-Navy Seals v Israel Defence Forces commando.

Season 3 included:

  • George Washington v Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Genghis Khan v Hannibal
  • French Foreign Legion v The Gurkhas

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