Does anyone still believe in old school love?

When we read or listen to old love stories, we find that there were times when technology hadn’t suffocated the essence of love, the blue ticks didn’t exist, neither did facebook chats. Love was much more than putting up love struck captions for each other on our facebook display pictures or sending each other hearts and kisses on whatsapp. Lovers used to send each other letters from far off places, and the efforts they put into express their undying love was worth everything in the world.
Not to say that relationships today are shallow and ingenuine, but somewhere down the line we miss , infact we lost the so called “Old school love/romance.”

Does anyone still express their love through hand written letters, or social media had completely taken over the matter?

Does anyone still appreciate street food dates, or they only prefer famous restaurants?

Does anyone still gifts flowers and chocolates to their partners or giving expensive rings and gifts now seem better?

Does anyone still appreciate poetries, notes written expressing one’s feeling or Social media’s post now makes more meaning?

Does anyone still takes time to know each other before getting engaged or have complete faith that Tinder find the perfect match?

Does anyone still believe in old school love and romance, or the way of expressing love in our generation enhanced?

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