Life Lessons of Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya has always considered education as a person’s best comrade. Everything can go in vain but education is the only thing which never goes in vain. The only this which can beat a person’s beauty and youth is only education and hard work. An educated person is respected everywhere and have a fair idea of what is correct and what is not correct. Chanakya had always said in this Neeti that one should learn from the mistakes of other. Life is too short and we can’t live long enough to make them all our self so we should adapt from others mistake rather than becoming a victim throughout the life.  He also suggests that one should never share his or her secrets to anyone it can destroy you fully. One truth which he said was God is not present in temples he considers feelings as God and soul as temple. Starting any work is quite easy but the key element of success is one should always ask three question to his inner self. First is, what am I doing? What will be the consequences of this? Will I be successful? As soon as one gets the answer of the entire three questions and is satisfied he can go ahead with his work. He considered Dharma as permanent rest all comfort, luxuries, beauty and power is temporary so one should always be adhere to their Dharma. One of the most famous outlines of Chanakya Neeti was:

“No gift is better than the gift of cereal and water, No date is better than Dwadeshi, No mantra is greater than Gayatri Mantra and no God is greater than a Mother.”

He also said that a person should not be too honest in their life. He gives the example of tree calling straight trees are cut down first so a person should be keen and clever only then he can live a satisfactory life. Chanakya said that man is responsible for his own deeds plus actions and he is the one who will suffer the consequences of all good and bad that will happen to him. He said that Lord Rama is an ideal man and Lord Hari is sustainer of world. His ideology says that one should always be satisfied with his wife, his food and with his wealth; but never be satisfied with the studies, his austerity and penance and with his donation to gifts to the needy one.

“This world, in the form of a tree, has two nectarous fruits: sweet speech and good company.”

Chanakya said that good company has the supremacy to create noble elements in a soul of a wicked person but a wicked company cannot generate wickedness in noble man. He commented on the donation system by giving example of the bound water which should always have litter flow which means one should develop the practice of donating wealth to the one who really need it. According to him the meat eaters, wine takers are considered as fools as animals and these people do not have the ability to judge what is good for them and what is dangerous. He refers arrogant person as a jackal who did not believed in giving charity. In his Chanakya Neeti, Chanakya took up rhetorical question several of times in dramatic manner saying that the place where there is no wise, intelligent and noble person reside and people are engage in looting that place is denoted as a gutter and the people staying there are just like the insects. Chanakya Neeti portrays us the four basic aims in every man’s life which is Dharma, Artha, Kaam, and Moksha. When a person fails to achieve any of the four his life is considered purposeless.

Therefore, I would like to sum up by saying that Chanakya Neeti is itself too wide and this was just a few glimpse of it. But we all will agree with some point of time that there is no philosopher greater than Chanakya and his Neeti is brim-full of positivity.

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