— A hazardous problem for our nation

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I have realized that i’m living in a world ,where : rivers are filled with pollutants , air is filled up with toxic gases , soil is polluted with waste materials , and humans are habituated to turn a blind eye upon these by the name of technology and development, expect for some people.

The major factor of this pollution is plastic , Do you know : More than 99% of plastics are produced from chemicals derived from oil,natural gas and coal -all of which are non-renewable resources. only 9%of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled , About 12% incinerated & the rest 79% used in land fills ,dumps etc,. so , please understand the seriousness of this and start using eco-friendly items.

plastic: the common factor for all pollutions.

Plastic waste is something which is not eco-friendly , non-renewable particles . Plastic pollution is nothing but a harmful accumulation of synthetic plastic production in the environment. Basically , plastic pollution is nothing but pollution caused by the plastic in different kinds of ways . Alot of plastic waste is dumped in the dumping areas not only causing the soil pollution but also making the land non-usable .

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-> This land can be used for the poor people from slum areas . India consists 2,216,533 of population who are living in slums . By decreasing the usage of plastic makes the land useful by providing the people to get a place to live.

-> Plastic waste also makes the land infertile and makes the land useful for farming which decreases the production of crops.

-> By dumping the plastic waste in oceans and rivers creates water pollution . It even causes a problem for the livelihood of marine animals . 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste in oceans. “This is only in the records , out of the records don’t even know”. and 100,000 marine animals die from getting entangled in plastic waste.

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-> Coming to the water pollution , Chlorinated plastic can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil, which can then seep into groundwater or other surrounding water sources, and also the ecosystem. The long stay of plastic in water can stimulate the plastic and combine some of its nature into water which makes water unreliable to drink and use .

->By burning the plastic , the toxic gases get released causing air pollution . The chemicals which get released ,pollute the air and affect the surrounding areas by making the air un-breathable . The smoke which comes is so hazardous ,it remains in air for longer time and causing the damage for ozone layer : which is protecting us from the direct hit of sunlight . The direct hit of sunlight can shatter the livelihood of humans cause we cannot bare the heat it produces. Though there are many other initials where poisonous gases are producing which causes air pollution. one of the main cause is plastic.


so , guys its high time . so many people changed their way about using plastic in their lives .We also need to change and make earth a better place to live . Lets struggle at first to enjoy the tang of better planet . Don’t you guys want to feel the smell of fresh air where pollution is not present anywhere ,see the stars where the sky can create mysteries with the insane nature it has . I hope one day we can see plastic free world.