The rivers in the rainy season.

The monsoon rain is believed to be a blessing as well as a curse. When the rain comes down in sufficient quantity, it is a blessing for us after the scorching heat of summer and also for the farmers because the crops grow in abundance. After the dry summer spell the rivers fill up. Fed by the monsoon rain the rivers become furious in size and volume in the rainy season. At that time water runs down from hills and mountains and strong currents overflow the banks of the rivers. Sometimes crops are washed away by flood water on both sides of the river. When the flood becomes more furious, some domestic animals are drowned. The roads and national highways are inundated, and people become homeless. They are bound to starve for a number of days. The whole system of economy of the rural areas as well as urban areas is miserably hampered by the floods in the rivers. The heavy rains in the highland regions cause soil erosion. The rainwater gushes down bringing with it all the top soil and plants. This makes the river water very muddy. Sometimes big trees are uprooted and they too flow down the river.

So, to control floods dams are erected on some of the rivers to check such devastating floods. When the volume of water is controlled through dams, flood is stopped, and it causes good harvest by the useful use of the river water. Thus, sometimes the rivers become a curse and sometimes a boon in the rainy season.

So we always hope for moderate but sufficient rainfall so that the rivers in the rainy season remain manageable.