Investigating the latest trends in medical science, comes Google’s new innovation, Derm Assist. The new AI tool provides people to identify skin, hair and nail conditions. As such, it is a powerful tool for the ongoing situation but it raises concern from experts and specialists. The main concern comes from the fact that self-diagnosing and treating without understanding the real cause problems and such practices can result in creating side effects and conditions which can’t be irreversible. Experts are also worried about the impact of such AI tools to their profession. They believe that their expertise and potential cant be made use of. They believe such tools can initiate the growth of a new culture where people substitute in-house consultation with new AI tools and the use over-the-counter medications. By doing this, they may complicate their physical condition and it will be difficult to treat afterwards. Experts believe information on the internet can be misleading and even if the information is correct, language/content can be so complex that it can create confusion among masses.

Skin is the largest organ on the human body, but is often neglected. Studies shows that billions of people search for skin, hair and nail related issues over the internet annually. But it is always recommended to seek professional advice so that one can get a full diagnosis and put a treatment plan in place. Even if we consult a General Practitioner for a skin condition, he will advise us to seek help from a dermatologist. This shows that even experts in the same field recommends a specialist for these cases and showcases the risk involved in self-medication.

The main dermatological concern in the gulf region are pigmentation and sun damage. These arid areas are too hot that it can damage our skin. It can cause skin conditions such as early aging and in the worst case, skin cancer. If we take moles as an example, there are criteria that differentiate between normal ones and that are a cause for concern. It is not an easy task to determine whether they pose a risk. Only experts who have studied for a long time and are well-versed in the anatomy of moles can differentiate between the two. A normal human being cannot detect the difference, even with the help of the new AI tools.

There is so much of concern about the new technology. But adopting and engraving desirable features to the currently established system can make a huge difference. By saying this, experts ensures that AI can be the future of the medical industry, if strict regulations and the use should be restricted to qualified people. There should be a well scripted and developed system where professionals and patients can benefit from.

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