Scope of Biology

Biology is not only the study that unveils mysterious secrets of the world, but it is also a field of education and employment.

Professional scopes are doctors, nurses, pharmacologists, scientists, research scholars, etc.

vocal sources include lecturers, teachers, professors, etc.

Research scientist, forensic scientist, biotechnologist, pharmacologist, biologist, ecologist, nature conservation officer are some careers that a biology student can choose according to his/her interest.

practical application of the scope of biology in different fields: 


It gives important useful information about fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides that must be used. It has great application in the development of disease-resistant varieties, better production of crops in terms of quality and quantity, etc. A major aspect of agriculture like maintenance of field and soil, nutrients requirements of various species of plants are also studied under biology. 


It can be considered as a boon to medicine. Be it a simple disease or contagious disease. Drugs need to be there to cure it. It can be in the form of vaccines or steroids or drugs. For example, the current pandemic situation is being cured by detailed study of the virus and creating effective vaccines.


Various industries use plant and animal products as their raw material. So basically, it is the study of plants and animals that helps in running an industry. Major industries include dairy, food, leather, textile, paper, jute, etc.

Conservation of the Biosphere

Conserving our ecosystem is an important aspect of the present scenario.

It has become very important to maintain stability in the environment. The study of biology helps in preventing the extinction of flora and fauna by conserving the biological hotspots and other endemic places with the help of constructing botanical gardens, zoological parks, sanctuaries, etc

Art and Aesthetics

In the form of museums, art galleries, planetariums, exhibitions etc., the study of biology has never failed to prove its importance. Apart from these, there is a vast scope in sectors like biochemistry, biophysics, animal husbandry, etc. New technologies keep developing in every field and require biology as their primary source of knowledge.

Genetic Engineering

It is an advanced study that has gotten its fame recently. Right now, it is the most flourished scope of biology where recombinant DNA technology, somatic hybridisation, cloning, tissue culture etc., is getting advanced every day.


It includes learning about the history of human lives through archaeology to understand the biological and physiological characteristics of humans and also their evolution through different eras.



It is the study of chemical reactions, chemical composition, structural orientation, acid and base equilibrium.


It is used to study the statistical data of living species, population density, ecological balance.

Sociology in Relation to Biology

It involves the study of human behaviour. It can only be done when one knows about the brain and nervous system in human beings and also about hormonal changes.

Geology in Relation to Biology

Many geological instances include biological factors.

For example, weathering of rocks happens only when there are biological factors like growth of lichens or growth of several microorganisms etc.

Role of Biology in Human Welfare

  • The study of human health and diseases is the most important criterion for humans, wholly dependent on biology. 
  • The strategies that are related to the enhancement of food is the second most important criterion.
  • The study of microorganisms under this subject plays a crucial role in decomposition, biogeochemical cycles, pharmaceutical needs, etc.
  • It is applied in several essential industrial processes like the production of enzymes, antibiotics and several other by-products.  
  • To understand the interdependence of biotic and abiotic factors of the environment and use this knowledge to maintain a balance between both.

Career Opportunities in the Field of Biology

  •  A student studying biology can work in various fields as a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, as a lecturer, as a scientist or a research scholar.
  •  A biologist can work in the food, dairy, leather industries, in biotechnological labs, airports, as a food quality manager and a lot more. 
  • Almost all the fields hire biology graduates as basic knowledge of the subject is one of the primary requirements in any field.