All five previous days that I had spent in my life is a vain and now it’s time to answer because the weekend is finally here!!!

For others the weekend is usually a time to relax or a time to do what they wanted to do, through the week but for me it is a time to catch up with my sleep, to continue my dreams or a time to be well spent with my family and friends. There are 365 days in a year but there are only 52 weekend days so take the time to do what you would love to do. It feels awesome to spend the priceless weekend with family and friends instead of spending it with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Weekend is like a mirage, it seems to be there but when you reach it disappears . Every single day in week days goes like an year but the weekend ,for which I was waiting the whole week goes like just few seconds. I didn’t expect that the weekend would pass so quick, it feels like,”can I repeat it?”.

Not all weekends are wonderful and has big moments , some weekends might be quite and simple but still with plenty of memories. Every weekend may not be a good weekend but there is something good in every weekend, start exploring it.

The weekend is a time of on alarm,no need to stuff my breakfast ,no ugly shoes and socks, no need to rush up to the bus stop,no urgent phone calls ,no need to attend meetings with a sleepy face and finally no sleepless working nights.

Stop counting the hours and start enjoying it. “Better days are on the way ,there are called weekend”.

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