Doing what we love

My biggest fear in life is to settle down with a job that pays me well. A dream of many but a fear of mine. I want constant change. So, I can experience more. I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to make sure I do not settle anywhere.

I knew the life I wanted from a young age. But, that doesn’t mean it is an easy path. Our society expects a stereotypical decent job from us. Society wants to do what is easy. It wants us to start existing and forget living.

I cannot just exist. I want to live.

Living and existing both means to stay alive. But, existing is living a boring life and doing what is necessary for survival. While living is enjoying our time doing things we love.

Living doesn’t mean that you forget about your job. Our world is a place where we have to pay money to live. The concept does not make sense to me. But it is the sad truth. So we do have to earn to live.

For me living would require doing what I love and not just on the weekends. When I say I want to live, I mean that I want to enjoy my job. Which is a bizarre idea for people around me. To them, having a job or being successful cannot be fun.

What we all have to understand is that success is different for everyone. For some people, success will be settling down because they fear struggles. But, for me, success is doing what makes me happy. I know that my only way of succeeding in life is doing what I am passionate about.

When we are young, we all have a will to live our life to the fullest.  But we grow up and are forced into reality. We get trapped in rules and responsibilities. We forget our true selves and start falling into the trap of existing. Existing is always accepted by society. Society wants us to simply exist.  Even if it makes us unhappy.

We need to put a stop to that. We need to take life into our control. We don’t have to live a boring life for safety and security. All of us have a purpose in our life. Every single person has something that they love and would be good at. But, our society forces us to put our dreams aside.

A lot of people also fear not having a plan in their life. Which doesn’t make sense. You cannot expect 17-year-olds who barely have life experiences to choose what they want to do in their life. Things do not even go according to our plan. I know so many people who ended up doing things completely different than their plan.

So, I want you all to calm down. Take a moment to find yourself. Do what will make you happy.

It is your life. You are allowed to do what makes you feel alive. Listen to the stories of successful people.  You will see them talking about how they stopped caring about society and following their dreams. That is what got them to a place where they are.