Hello guys! Today’s topic is  about an how an art is made by mending broken pieces.

Yes you heard right when things break we throw them away but there is a Japanese art form called kintsugi or kintsukuroi.


As it’s name says golden joinery and golden repair respectively. In this art is made through repairing the broken pieces and again joining them.

They say broken is beautiful, in this art form there is philosophy they follow that is those cracks that appear after mending the objects is considered to be the history of that object and those cracks are not to be hidden.
From: lakesidepottery

I love how they don’t cover those cracks and instead display it proudly as if telling the whole world to look at it how it is rather than how it should appear .

It teaches us a very important life lesson that

Never to hide our scars rather than show them proudly as they are a part of your journey and they deserve to be shown rather than cover them.

We should respect our past that is depicted through these scars and be grateful that the present you is because of the past you had .
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Imperfection is the real Perfection.

The perfection you seek is ideal but not the truth but the imperfection  you that is thriving to become the perfection is real.


In this art they seal the broken parts with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold,silver or platinum.

There are different styles of kintsugi

Crack :-They use  gold dust and resin or lacquer to attach broken pieces with very less overlap or fill-in from missing pieces

Piece method :-In this  they add gold /lacquer in place of the missing fragments of the broken object

Joint call :- In this method a  fragment which not matching but is similarly shaped is used to replace a missing piece from the original broken object creating a patchwork effect.

Here mending  the pieces and making  an object  from it  gives them an unique aura,a special appearance and also gives the art form it's true meaning.
This art form is now an inspiration to modern artists ,this art form reduces the usage of things ,there is no wastage and infact it's as if the while mending a broken piece it's history ,the memories related to it everything is restored in the process.