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🌟Sarojini Naidu was born in 1879.

🌟She was the eldest of eight children in the family. She had her school education in Madras. 🌟She passes her matriculation examination in first class.

🌟Because of her father,Her father was Chattopadhya and her mother was Varada Sundari. They came from Eaqst Bengal but settled in Hyderabad.

🌟Her father was a great scholar.

🌟He founded the Nizam's College in Hyderabad.

🔹️Her education:🔹️

🌟She mastered English language.

🌟The Nizam granted scholarship.

🌟So she went to London for her higher education

🔹️Her Married Life: 🔹️

🌟In 1898 she married Dr.Naidu.

🌟He was q windower and 10 years senior to her.

🌟He was of lower caste.

🌟She gave birth to four children.

🔹️Her political Life:🔹️

🌟she had a keen interest in Indian politics.

🌟Later she accepted Gandhi as her master.

🌟Nehru also became her friend. 🌟Gandhi called her 'Bharat Kokila'.

🔹️Her Good Qualities:🔹️

🌟She had undrying interest in human beings.

🌟She worked hard for the emancipation of women.

🌟She arranged the all India women conference in 1926.

🌟She was a powerful orator.

🌟When she thirteen she wrote her fist drama.

🌟Because of her poetic talents she was called the Nightingle of India.

🌟She was friendly with all communities and races.

🌟She insisted on unity between political parties and Indians. 🌟English statesman considered her the greatest Indian women.

🔹️Death of Sarojini Naidu:🔹️

🌟She was made government of U.P. After Indiw became independent, in 1949 at the age of seventy she died.

🌟Her eldest som set fire to the pire.

🌟Great leaders like Nehru, Lord Mountbatten and Rajaji attended her funeral.

🌟Her death was a real loss to India.


🌟Thus Sarojini Naidu lived a meaningful life.

🌟She tried for peace among all Indians.

🌟She was a guiding light for women in India.

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