“Artificial intelligence !” a new lucrative field in which many peeps wanna dive in and why not coz it is not just restricted to the computer science world but finance law industries etc . we are now living in a time where we have chatbots listening to our instruction doing as said, solving problems and looking for loopholes in a system the data better and faster than us. and it’s just starting AI and machine learning is going to grow more and more as time goes. With this huge need for AI experts, in all these fields will also come. Artificial intelligence isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay! 

that’s why many interesting learners want to make a career in this AI field, here the very vital question arises as what does it take to build a career in AI?


As AI is highly scientific, the primary attempt of AI is to make it work the same as humans( or better in some cases) it requires the person to have quite a lot of knowledge, training, and cognitive skill! A huge learning curve is there to understand to make suitable and best-approximated outcomes. Which requires years of learning and practice. like researchers and scientists.

Mathematical thinking

A huge need for mathematical ability is needed to make a career in AI. Fields like statistics, probability, predictions, calculus, algebra, Bayesian algorithms, and logic are going to be primary tools for you in your arsenals. With maths, you are also going to need some science knowledge such as mechanics, cognitive learning theory, language processing, and computer science skills that a mathematical thinker must have

A quip in Tesler’s Theorem says “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet”

highly critical thinking

Being rational with the approach is very necessary as you go ahead you find yourself making choices that need to be based on critical thinking. nothing will be important at face value. huge experiments and failures will happen, and decisions would be based on results only! critical thinkers in normal day-to-day life are considered to be very smart and hard nuts! That’s what we search for in a field with many challenges.

Naturally curious

Working in AI field is unlike any other field where you faces similar problems which have to be solved with an already existing solution or where you exactly know what and why you doing and what will likely to happen but here it AI its just changes altogether as this field is about uncovering the unknown and exploring like a captain of a ship in this huge sea of unknown. What we can know or figure out with this technology is still a few drops. we have yet to reach the primary mission of us humans “ to make an artificial intelligence like the human brain. In this journey, we need curious peeps who love to think out of the box and think curiously

Loves challenges

Field with multiple failures and a huge need to push boundaries makes it really hard digestible tea for many. but if you have that willpower and love challenges in life! then this is your thing for sure. finding ways to do the same thing with different approaches, again and again, and again! Taking a huge toll of work on yourself and pushing yourself to reach deadlines! If you have these skills then this is it

No doubts AI is the future! and a career in this field is also very exciting and challenging! It gives everything that a person asks for!

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