Black Friday By James Patterson


A wise man once said, if you start reading James Patterson‘s books you will never be able to stop visualizing about the story for weeks!! How exciting and exhilarating the journey was! It’s been a long time since I read his books. After reading a lot of overwhelming reads, I decided to pick Patterson’s book up.

This book was originally published in the year 1986 with the themes of economic warfare and a brainy FBI service cop investigating the terrorists group which caused several bombings in the wall street.


James Patterson’s Alex Cross series is my all-time favorite. Archer Caroll reminded me of Alex Cross and his breathtaking investigations. This is a brilliantly written novel with the secret militia group, and deterioration of financial systems of the world.

The storyline is very interesting and some parts are certainly difficult to understand as it vividly concentrates on the American stock markets. A secret militia group called ‘Green Band’ scares the world by collapsing the stockmarkets of wall street. A lawyer Caitlin Dillon tries to solve the chaos with Archer Caroll. The bomb threats, stupendous adventures of Caroll, nostalgic love of Archer Caroll and Nora are the typical, awe inspiring elements in Patterson’s works. Little did I know that I was yearning for an action thriller genre. After reading ‘Black Friday’ I definitely want to read more books from this genre now. I was binge reading this book, it was an engrossing summer read for me! Guess what? I’m gonna add more Patterson’s books in my list now.

Do you love reading American thriller books/series? Comment down below!

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