Don’t judge a book by its cover. But, who can ignore if the books come with eye-grabbing front covers and alluring editions? Book readers have a lot of Idioms and Phrases and especially things names to convey their ideas among themselves. But, not everyone knows the difference between the books and those names. Thus, we are going to look at those bookish terms (Especially about book editions) and their meaning and I will include some pics in each section so that you will get a clear idea about all of them. Book editions have a great part in the lifespan of the books. If the quality of the book is promising, they can live until your grand grandchildren age. So, choosing a book is not merely choosing the title or the plot of the book. But, it’s an investment to pass knowledge through generations.


Paperbacks are common books that we see and buy day to daily life. Paperback editions are based on thin front binding and are most fragile. Paperback always has good designs on its front cover. And easy to read, lightweight and comfortable. Paperbacks are pocket and travel-friendly editions. If you are a person who would like to read while traveling, paperbacks are an adequate option.


Hardcovers are the most expensive editions in books categories. They will have thick hard binding rather than a thin paper front cover. And to the bonus, they will have a highly decorated protective cover. Which helps the hardcover to remain dust-free. (To be honest, the binding of the book will be hard and plain but the protective sleeves will be decorative. thus, we will take care of the sleeves as much as we care about the book.) Some hardcovers come with designs even in the binding part. Those are called as special editions. Hardcovers are heavyweight and double in price range comparing to paperbacks. But, still, they are the real shelf slayers. If you want to collect books. Hardcover can give a dramatic image to your shelves.


Hardbound books are nearly hardcovers but don’t have protective sleeves. They have a hard binding with attractive designs on them. But, without protective sleeves. Some hard bounds come with gold dust paper edges which is an alluring part of these books. These kinds of editions are also heavily weighed some short stories and novels contain lesser pages have no effect of hand pain while reading. Hardbound gives an aesthetic, classy, and breathtaking vintage look to your collections. The idea of hardbound books is to giving us some vintage and classical themes while reading.

Pirated Books

Pirated books are cheap books but which are illegally printed. Some publishing houses print them without the author and the authorization’s/copyright’s permission. And those books are highly cheap compared to any other editions. They will have tons of errors and misprints. So, even though if you don’t want to have that book you can’t even sell them at half rate. Because the lifespan of Pirated books are less than 30 years. And no one will love to buy misprinted and ink-spilled books. So, whenever you are going for a sale if the books are cheap flip those books 1000 times and make sure it is not misprinted, ink spilled, cross alignment, missing pages or black pages in between the chapters. And one more thing to add, Pirated books are unauthorized copies. Thus, it won’t give any profits to the Authors. As readers and book admire we should support them will all our efforts. So, spending a little more on good books is not spending it’s an investment for the future.