When we think about how we should prevent and punish criminals on the question of whether criminals are born or made. We first should understand the behaviour traits of criminals because personality is the major factor in many kinds of behaviour, one of which is criminal behaviour. To determine what makes a criminal to become as “a criminal,” we must understand his/her personality.

Are criminals born or made? This question has been crushed the brains of psychologists, sociologists, and criminologists for many years at several incidents and efforts have been made to establish the nature of criminality. The born or made argument, known as the “nature versus nurture” debate, arises the question, whether criminality is due to genetic factors, and therefore unavoidable, or whether it is the product of social, situational, environmental surroundings, and other external factors.

Criminal behaviour has been increasing virtually throughout the every part of the world because such behaviour may be passed on from father to son and the genetically deprived criminal under class is breeding faster than the rest of society, he argues. Majorly, the psychological factors which inhibit criminal behaviour are fear and conscience.

Psychologists after many experiments they came up with an opinion that criminal behaviour lie in genetics and as well as environmental situations but it doesn’t mean that every criminal will posses with same type of behavioural traits. According to the population census of India the children who were born to thug is used to be recorded as a thug, this was registered under the criminal tribe act(1870). This act resembles that there is a chance of getting criminal behaviour if the child was born to a thug.

In these days we are observing that even some of the common people are also becoming criminals with out having any past crime background. So, this is the point where we have to think about the impact of society or the environment on the criminal. Guys, a criminal is also a human who posses all the common things as we all have but the only difference is that the perspective and the surrounding where a criminal has risen.

Most of the teenagers and children has a high tendencies to learn from their surroundings. Petty crimes committed by children may appear to be a tale to friends who may also be involved the same for pleasurable. Over duration of time, this behaviour may prove to become a permanent thing. Peer pressure is mainly clear in the slums where houses close to one another. Among other factors, this explains why crime rate is on the higher on average in poor vicinity.

According to study, families in inner cities are facing many challenges. There is extremely huge number of single parent families where mostly the father is missing. This impacts the children in those families a lot especially boys need a father figure in the family to help them grow and learn how to control their manhood. Surroundings around a person influences a person a lot as like an old proverb says that wicked group damage decent principles. There are several reasons behind a person to become as a criminal that may be because of his financial standards or because of family issues or sometimes because of being as victim also.

Now a days we see many people who are at higher positions in their career are also becoming as a criminals. This type of scenarios clearly show us that having lots of degrees in hand can’t stop the people in turning them as a criminals. The main reason behind these scenarios are lack of essential values and ethics which are missing in todays education system and this effect is adversely creating a negative roots on society.