When we do vigorous activity , viz., participate in long distance races , or play football , hockey , etc., after some time we feel a sense of discomfort . We feel some problem while inhaling . We feel like stopping the activity immediately . But , if we make up our mind to continue that activity then we feel relaxed and comforted . We do not face any problem while intialing . This stage is termed as Second Wind . Discomfort , which we face in the beginning , includes the following symptoms .

  1. Breathlessness
  2. Pain in chest
  3. Headache
  4. Pain in the muscles , which are involved in that activity
  5. Feeling of reduced physical coordination
  6. Diminished neuro- muscular coordination
  7. Feeling of dry throat

But , in spite of these symptoms of discomfort , we should continue the activity . Automatically , after sometime , discomfort will be no longer these . So the phenomenon of recovery from discomfort at early stage is known as second wind . All the symptoms are eliminated automatically . The stage of second wind comes to the beginners but the experienced athletes generally do not feel it . If they feel it , they feel it at low level . Second wind also depends upon the climatic conditions . It has been observed that in cold climate , athletes do not face this stage . It is only faced if activity is too much vigorous .

Changes in Our Body Due to Second Wind

During the stage of second wind some changes in our body occur which are stated below .

  1. Breathlessness Disappears : Breathlessness disappears after second wind . Rate of respiration become less . Supply of oxygen becomes normal . The accumulation of CO2 also become normal .
  2. Muscles become Normal : After the feeling of second wind , muscles become normal . There is no pain in the muscles . The swelling of muscles begins to diminish . The temperature of muscles increases .
  3. Change in Blood Circulation System : In the stage of second wind , the waste products like lactic acid , acid phosphate , uric acid , etc., accu

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