Love. We heard people talk about love and in love. But how many of you really believe in love. I use to think or wonder sometimes how a person could love another person other than his/her family and friends with all their heart without any expectations. More specifically how could you fell in love in his/her at their first sight. They are literally strangers.

Do you believe in long ship relationship? But do you believe that there is a boy way travelled all the way space to find his father which is also a kind of love. You may think how this could be possible. No, it is not. But it is possible in movies. The movie is “The space between us”.


The space between us is a American movie released in 2017. It is romantic science fiction film directed by Peter Chelsom. The story follows a teenage boy Gardner Elliot whose mother Sarah Elliot is an astronaut who is sent to mars. There she is found to be pregnant and dies while giving birth to him. Then the boy visits Earth and starts to search for his father with the help of a clever girl.


Gardener Elliot, Sarah Elliot, Nathaniel Shepherd, Kendra wyndham and Tulsa.


The Multi billionaire Nathaniel Shepard who is the Chief executive officer Genesis plans to launch the first mission to mars and also did. During the travel to mars, one of the astronauts Sarah Elliot find out she is pregnant. In the mars itself she gave birth to her son and dies from eclampsia. But the baby,s father is unknown. Nathaniel ordered to keep the baby Gardner Elliot in the mars itself as a secret. He is afraid that the environment that was surrounded by him during the birth  made him to adapt himselve their. If he returns to earth it will bring difficulties in surviving and may also cause him death. Gardener is raised by astronaut Kendra Wyndham and the other scientists on Mars.


To know about his mother, Gardener hacks into a robot with the help of it he got access to his mother’s personal belongings. He finds a wedding ring of his mother and a video of Sarah Elliot and a man in a beach house. They seemed so close which convinced Gardener that the man is his father and he decided to find him. Gardener use to talk with a girl Tulsa from earth via internet chatroom. Tulsa is a common girl without any background but cleverness. She is a normal street girl from colorado. She believes that Gardner is confined to penthouse due to osteogenesis imperfecta(A group of inherited disorders characterised by fragile bones that break easily). They use to talk daily and he promise’s her to visit her someday.

Kendra video chat with Nathaniel and director Tom chen about Gardener’s wish to visit the earth. But Nathaniel highly refuses that he cant be able to adapt to earth atmospheric pressure. In order to visit he have to undergo risky surgery to increase his bone density and do some trainings. Gardener only listened to the surgery and training. He didn’t care about Nathaniel and others concern. All he wanted is to visit the earth as soon as possible to meet Tulsa and to find his father. After the surgery and training he boards to earth along with other astronauts.

After reaching Earth, Gardener was kept isolated at NASA because of his body conditions. He was very mad at director Tom who refused to allow him outside. He was also taken some medical tests which clearly shows that Gardener cannot live in Earth very long. On the same night he escapes from the place and found Tulsa convinced her to find his father. Nathaniel and Kendra discovered that Gardener body contains troponin and indicative of an enlarged heart which cannot handle the earth atmospheric pressure. So they followed Gardener. Gardener and Tulsa found the man Neka who married Gardener’s parents.

Tulsa with the help of her computer and with the help of Neka located the place in the video of Sarah and the other man. They travelled to summer land in California. During their travel Gardener tell the truth about him but Tulsa refused to believe him. At somepoint Gardener collapses and admitted in hospital. From the X-rays carbon tubes Tulsa finally believes that Gardener is really from mars. Gardener started to get afraid that he will die so he want to find his father before he dies. They both escaped from the hospital and reached the beach house that they saw in the video. There they found that the man from the video is Sarah’s brother not Gardener’s father. Hearing that he runs to sea to die.

Nathaniel and Gardener arrived there and saved him with CPR. There Gardener finds that Nathaniel is his real father. Kendra, Tulsa and Nathaniel took Gardener to Dream chaser and launched him into orbit to stabilize him. Now Gardener is free from Earth’ gravity. Soon after, Gardener boards a space shuttle to Mars after a emotional seperation with Tulsa. Kendra adopts Tulsa who is determined to join Gardner on Mars. She joins training program in NASA. Gardener is seen back on Mars with Nathaniel.

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