4 Famous Mukbang Korean Youtuber

Mukbank is a korean word This word means “Eating Show”. It is also called ‘Meokbang’. Usually a person will devour various types of foods in a lot of amounts .This culture became famous in Korea in 2010 . Recently it is a very popular trend on Youtube .There are lots of korean who have gained popularity by these trending youtube videos . I have listed them below .

[햄지]Hamzy — Hamzy is a korean female mukbang Youtuber . She is one of the most famous youtuber in the whole world .She has almost 7.18 Million subscribers in her channel .She is also famous in Instagram .Her videos have some special characteristics .She usually eats in her home or in restaurants. But the background of her videos are not professionally set up which gives the audience a very natural , homy & cozy feeling . She either cooks or orders korean foods .She uploaded 312 videos shooted in her home ,6 videos in outdoor 5 compilation videos & 72 with other categories .Some of her videos are on Silvi Onion Kimchi ,Tteokbokki with rose sauce ,process of making kimchi, Bibimbab ,blach bean noodle ,raw & cold soup of cuttlefish,  Kkotge-tang or , Blue Crab spicy stew ,oyster rice ,compilation on food ,Chicken bulmawang ,Pork Belly ,Ramyun ,Yangnyeom Chicken etc. Apart from these there are more than 200 videos in her channel.She also has an other channels with name “집나간햄지 Wandering Hamzy” .

푸메Fume —- She is also a famous Korean mukbang youtuber .She has 4.5 Millions youtuber . Unlike Hamzy, she eats not only korean but other cuisines . She has uploaded 593 food videos ,13 outdoor videos ,11 daily life videos .Some of her videos are on Stir-fried octopus ,Wanton Noodles ,Fried cheese ball ,Indian food ,Bokkeum ,Chocolate desserts ,Fried chicken , Black bean noodle ,pizza ,Tteokbokki ,enoki mushroom ,macaron ,Seafood ,Ghost pepper noodle ,Thailand Vlog ,Giant lobster ,Donuts ,kimchi ,Dumplings ,Rice cake ,Soybean soup etc.

3.Eat with Boki — She is also a very popular korean mukbang youtuber .She has 6.26 Million subscribers . She has uploaded almost 722 videos in her channel including 6 vlogs & some one shots videos .Some of her videos are on Beef Brisket Jjamppong ,various fruits ,Indian foods ,Bburinkle Fried-Chicken , Jeju Island Vlog, Tofu ,Radish Bibimbap ,Various kimchi ,Chicken ball ,Chili Shrimp ,Hot Dog ,Samgyeopsal ,Jjamppong ,Bibimmyeon ,Honey Combo chicken ,Indian food ,ramyeon ,Pelicana Hot-Devil ,Chicago Pizza ,Gochu Basasak , Soba Cold Noodles eic. Some time ago she was criticized & suspected for cheating on making her videos but still her fame never affected in any case .

4.Zach Choi ASMR —- He is one of the famous , handsome korean mukbang youtuber .He has 12.6 Million subscribers in his channel .He has almost 322 videos uploaded in his channels. He usually eats various types of food, not only korean foods .He also collaborated with other famous youtuber in some of his videos . Some of his videos are on fried chicken ,Seafood soup ,Enoki mushrooms ,Ratatouille ,Black bean noodle ,Nuclear fire chicken ,Magnon fillet ,lasagna ,Rotisserie chicken ,Wagyu stack ,100 dumplings challenge ,Corn dogs ,Tonkatsu etc .Unlike others he has various food videos on Indian ,Japanese ,Italian cuisine ,more than Korean cuisine