Five feet apart

Five feet apart is directed by Justin Baldoni and written by Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis. This genre of drama and romance was released in 2019.
Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson) is a seventeen year old who is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis whose life is full of restrictions and boundaries but she doesn’t fail to amaze us with her lively nature and her love for life and all of her restrictions are put to test when she meets Will Newman ( Cole Sprouse) a handsome young man who is also a CF patient and therefore they’re supposed to be a safe distance from each other.

Their connection grows stronger which makes them want to break all the rules and be together. Will is a kind of person who doesn’t like following rules but after meeting Stella he is inspired to live life to the fullest and embrace every moment.
Eventually they fall in love and will realises that in order for Stella to be safe he needs to be away from her and therefore he is determined to leave her even though he loves her and Stella is only left with his memories.

This movie explores the themes of life and death, being rebellious and love. These are the main themes as throughout the movie, we get to witness how they fought bravely for their lives, they even sacrificed themselves for each other and how they didn’t let their illness be a reason for them to be apart and tried to love each other and themselves even more each day and how they made each others life more meaningful and beautiful.
This entire movie was beautifully directed and the actors complemented each other. At, first when they meet, they realize that they’re of opposite personalities and there are misunderstandings but as time passes, they get to know each others circumstances and grow to understand and like one another. When they realize that they really are attracted to each other and even fall in love, it’s the distance they have to maintain but they still don’t give in to it as they truly love each other and thinking that even if they have very little time to be with eachother, they need to spend it wholeheartedly and by enjoying each others company. But that put their lives in danger.
The background musics are a good touch to the movie as they add to the emotions of the movie and they enhance our experience which gives it a sad but dramatic effect.

This is a very good movie according to me as we get to see what people can do to save their loved ones and how sacrifice also plays an important role in love. This also shows us how having that one person by your side helps you to be stronger and happier.
This movie was “one of a kind” and I really enjoyed and appreciated all the themes and motifs of this movie. It was a very emotional and thoughtful movie, according to me. As I really enjoyed watching this, I’d rate it a 9/10.

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