Man sells kidney to escape poverty!

A man from Tinsukia District of Assam sold his kidney for Rs 4 lakh in Kolkata to make ends meet for his wife and children.The Tinsukia police have detained him for questioning and begun their investigation into the case.

Arup kumar Sinha had been out of work since the Covid-induced lockdown was first imposed in 2020. In desperate need of money due to micro-finance loan debts, he sold his kidney for quick money.Sinha was promised Rs 5 lakh but has received Rs 2.5 lakh, he stated.This is very bad situation and see those culprits out of 5 lakh they paid 2.5 lakh humaity is no where to be found.He risk his life to get money and commitment to his family is inspiring.This is the real face of India people are living in pathetic condition whereas government increasing prices .

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