Should we visit zoos?

Visiting places is a great source of recreation. After all the work that you did in the last week, you deserve a vacation. People are different and so are their choices. Some may like to visit a park, to some, a monument might be a place for leisure. Others may go to a science exhibition or a museum. A commonplace that we all must have been at least once, is a zoo ( abbreviated form of Zoological Park).

A zoo is an enthralling place for it is home (artificial though) to a lot of animals. And it is the basic nature of an organism to be intrigued by a creature of another species. That is the reason we like going to zoos. Mostly, people visit the premises with their children. Children are the ones who enjoy the sight of animals the most. These children later become adults and take their children to zoos and the cycle continues.

But is it worth it going to a zoo? Rather the question should be that ‘Should we go to a zoo?’

I would say no. Reasons are less but carry weight and are mentioned below in as systematic a way as possible.

  1. It is not their natural habitat –  Ever saw a tiger inside a cage? How does it behave? Does he seem happy or is he angry and frustrated? No doubt, big cats like lions, jaguars, and tigers and provided a decent place to live, but is that adequate for them? These creatures and built to live in the open, hunt, run, and enjoy life. But here, in a zoo, they are enclosed within a designated area in the name of preservation and people enjoy their sight.

The same is the case with a chimp or a crocodile or several animals and birds present there. Rather all of them.

  1. Are they fed enough? –  On average, an adult tiger or lion requires about 6-12 kg of meat daily. So, is this consumption need of these cats being fulfilled at the zoo? Corruption in the funds for the food for the animals has been in news many times. Not only this, a normal prudent man can, just by looking at the physical appearance of the animals deduce that they aren’t well-fed and properly taken care of. 
  2. What are you throwing at them and why are jumping off?– People throwing stones, food items that are not even good for the animals is a rare sight. Imagine the number of damages the animals suffer due to this callous behavior of the visitors. And a drunk man jumping off the railing into a white tiger’s area is a story that needs no elucidation. The incident made evident the lack of security and careless behavior on part of the authorities to ‘protect’ the animals.
  3. Are they an item for viewing?- Don’t these animals that you and your family enjoy viewing have a right to live; that too freely? Are they items to be viewed and enjoyed?

A good, healthy thought needs to be given to this and if some sense knocks in, things will change for sure.

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