The REAL SMURF village

Hello guys! Have you ever watched the movie “smurfs”. If not definitely watch it it’s a fun film.

But this just an animated movie but there exists a real smurf village in this world!
This village is located in juzcar ,spain and can be easily located ,you want to know why? Because it's a blue-tiful village.

Although the smurfs are not present in this village and is a normal village like any other then why do you think it is called a smurf village .

It is called because the whole village painted their houses in blue dedicating it to the film smurfs.


They even have statues located here and there and visiting this “blue-tiful” city you enter into a whole new world.

Like every other village everyone leads their daily lives normally but painting a whole village is something to talk about.

This painting of the whole village in blue colour was something that is intiated to promote the movie "Smurfs " which can captivate people by thinking out of the box .

They chose this village juzcar because they are famous for mushrooms and Smurfs love and live in mushrooms so this place is perfect as this city not only promotes the movie but also can be related to the movie.

This started attracting tourists ,travellers,celebrities  to this city ,this place became a hub for all the smurf fandoms to gather .

Every wall has a smurf painting on it them and evey corner of the city is painted in blue and an astonishing amout of effort has been put in to this.

From hlc

Although the sponsors offered to paint back the village into white but the villagers liked as it is at present now and declined their offer .

This place gives off an relaxing vibe where one can visit it to just walk through the village and experience the refreshing atmosphere and appreciate the village for its simplicity.