ABOUT MangaStream :-

Want to enjoy Japanese comics for free of cost, then you are at the right place. MangaStream is a free comic database website which provides free Japanese comics for its users to read which is a grand gift for the comics lovers.
Reason for Finding Alternatives of MangaStream :-

After fulfilling all the desires, needs and working up to the mark for over a decade, MangaStream has entirely gone down and is not available and accessible for the users now.
Some sources are telling that it is shut down as it was involved in providing illegal content.
The other reason of its shut down may be that MangaStream wants to promote reading content from legal sources only.


  • MangaOwl :- It has gained enormous popularity among the users as it has released various episodes of comics before they were officially released. It has a nice user-friendly interface and users find no trouble in finding their favourite comics. It is updated on regular basis, synthesized and content is translated with high-quality images.
  • MangaFreak :- MangaFreak provides mangas free to read and download. However, those annoying ads and pop-ups is still an issue to address.
    Its best advantage is that users can track their history on this website. This feature is helpful to find previously read mangas.
  • MangaReborn :- MangaReborn is a brilliant online manga comics reading website in terms of its user-interface.
    Filters option on basis of latest manga, new manga, completed manga, etc. is also available for the users.
  • MangaKakalot :- MangaKakalot comes with a simple but interactive user-interface which can be easy used by children also. Search option on the basis of hot manga, new manga, popular manga, etc. is available for the users to save their time from unnecessary surfing. The content available on it is updated on regular basis.
  • Viz Media :- Viz Media is an excellent platform for reading manga comics. But if somebody wants its PC version, then it is necessary to buy its subscription.
    This single app opens the door of the vast world of comics and anime for the users. Filtering option is also available on it. The English version of all the comics and anime is also available. The app version of this website is also available for the comics and anime lovers.
    We can say Viz Media is a sure shot delight for the comics and anime lovers.

And Now Its Time for the Conclusion!!!
As everyone knows that comics have remained as a source of entertainment for the people of all age groups from a long time as there were no TVs, laptops or PCs available at that time. The Manga comics database is a huge one to maintain and you can not rely on a specific platform for reading manga comics everytime.
MangaStream is an undobut champion in this field but still there is a need of some other alternatives of it so that manga comics lovers do not hamper.
Therefore, these handpicked alternatives of MangaStream can solve this problem and manga lovers can continue reading and enjoying manga comics.

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