Bibliophilism: Throughout history till now

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Books are been our great friend for ages from Rome philosophers to modern novelists, comics, and manga or magazines! We as humans encounter so many changes with the evolution of books and their uses but what remains common in all of them is “books always feed us with information! Whether it is fun, important, tragic, or simply someone’s insights!”. Many people consider book their best friends (YES! we are bibliophiles . . . love for books called bibliophilism ) because it doesn’t behave different with others and always gives but never takes anything most importantly always be with you. Many fear what will happen with books as time goes and video and voice media starts replacing it in every zone books were used in profusion, but this fear is just a piece of fake news because now there is evident data on how books are more famous and popular than before! Thanks to e-books and these new video audio that are easily reachable to the masses and makes them curious so much so that they have to come to books at last resort to satisfy their curiosity, and there is no doubt books leave no stone unturned doing so!

So how does all this begins?

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Before the famous Gutenberg bible which is mass-produced by some metal type in Europe, each book used to be written by different people, and each book was uniquely written designed, and bound which used to give a lot more information about the ideological and religious beliefs of that period!

But this is the beginning of “what we call books” but to know how all this started we have to go back to clay tablet scrolls, and sheets of papyrus. Clay tablets were used by Mesopotamia back in the 3rd millennium BCE, they used to keep it very safe. To date, we have nearly found 20,000 such clay tablets. These tablets were used till the 19th century in some countries including Germany, Chile, the Philippines, and the Sahara Desert. From Egypt papyrus and clay tablets Romans used to write and erase through stylus !.in Asia people used to write on bones. Papermaking has traditionally been traced to China about 105 CE and traditional printing started in the 15th century. One thing which throughout the time stick with books are get “ban” as they are very influential, so authorities always wanted to control it.

Influence of books

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Books have fascinating subject through time one who studies books is called bibliophile. It is known as former us president Roosevelt used to read one book a day !. most expensive book in history is the codex from Leonardo da Vinci which is bought by Bill Gates. According to a study book, readers have very fewer chances of Alzheimer’s than any other person in old age

Books in our modern world today expanded their reach and places from paperback to e-books are excellent for nature too as it is said from one tree we can make 50 books! And innovation in the field of books like digital book designing, 3d books, etc. is such an example. We are seeing nowadays it’s an affirming factor saying books not going anywhere any soon!

hey! how you guys think about your best friend .. BOOKS 🙂 pls comment down below and tell us which book you loved the most or reading RN ! till the next time , sayonara :).