Discipline is very important in everyone’s life. It is so important to be disciplined in the life. Discipline is not acquired from a single day. It is a achieved by a continued process.parents are the important in every individual’s life. The are the main reason for the discipline of their children.

After the parents, teacher is the most important person in an individual’s life. Teacher is the one who moulds the individual from the initial stage of the life and makes the individual into and perfect one. Even though the teacher schools or beats sometimes it is all for the well-being of the student and for the bright future of the student.

The first teacher in everyone’s life is their mother. Beginning with the correct thing the first mistake of the child, mother plays a very important role in correcting many of the mistakes in an individual’s life. Also the father who corrects the mistakes and puts the children in a correct way. And the teacher, who is very important in our students life to achieve their desired goals.

Teachers play a very important role in making the student perfect and make them to understand the need of the situation. Teachers help the students to reach their desired goals and in any situation teacher motivates a student to get up and stand in all the ups and downs. Like that of the mother and the father, the teacher also feels equally happy when their student acheives high in their life and when they reach their desired goals.



A disciplined person always has the time to complete all the tasks within given deadlines. This is because they are focused and they know how to schedule the time properly. They dont’t believe in wasting time on unnecessary things. They understand the value of time and they know that time once has gone never comes back.


All great leaders are not born. Most of them follow a very tight schedule and maintain discipline in their life to become good leaders. Good discipline generates a positive attitude towards society. It creates confidence and eagerness to do something great. It helps people to build an attitude that becomes the key to becoming successful. They are able to set a great examples for others in society.


It is because everything gets finished within the given deadlines, disciplined people always have time to revise their work and improve their decisions.
People who are disciplined are more focused both mentally and physically. They are better able to gain their body and mind with their ideas and goals. Finally, everything is regulated in order and increases their productivity in all the activites they undergo.


Disciplined people are more motivated and concentrated. Therefore, they achieve more when compared to a person who is not disciplinef with the activites he/she undertakes. As per study, 92% of people are able to achieve their goals in life because of the reason of being disciplined.


With discipline, comes stability in all the tasks. It helps to schedule and organize the activites and tasks in a proper structure. If a person is focused and regularly follows this particular structure, he/she is sure to succeed in their life.


With great discipline comes great responsibility. Only by making schedules and timetables a person cannot become successful. It is very important regularly follow and fulfill the responsibilites which are mentioned in the schedule. This will help them to develop self- control and also build good relations with others.


A disciplined person always respected by society. He/she is lookef upon as role models and mentors. Through discipline, they worked hard and achieved their goals which made them a respectful figure in the eyes of others.


Modern society suffers alot from anxiety and depression. We cannot blame them for their condition. Just by maintaining a little discipline in their life, they can easily improve it. Discipline will help them to reduces stress and take control of their tasks. They would be able to overcome their fears and also control their emotions.


Disciplined people are lie assets to society. If there is no law and order, there would bee too many activites. Discipline is required to prevent such things in society. By setting the requiref rules and regulationa, it becomes easier to live in a society that is full of peace and harmony.


Disciplined people have time to do every activity in the schedule. They plan their schedule in such a way that improves both their academic/ instituational performance and also their physical health. They know what is good and bad for them and thereby have good eating habits, exercising habits, sleeping and waking up paterns, etc.

SELF DISCIPLINE self discipline means self control, the ability to avoid unhealthy excess of anything that could lead to negative consequenes.

• It is the ability to reject instant grafication and pleasure, in favor of some great grain, which requires spending effort and time to get it.
• It means perservetance and not giving up.
• It is the strength not to give in to negative feelings.
• It means overcoming one’s weakness.
• It is the ability to pursue one plan despite temptations to abandom them.
• Delayed gratification in favour of accomplishing long term goals.
Discipline is very important. It helps people to showcase their attitude and represent their character and thinking. Both the body and mind are honed by discipline. Descipline helps to address individual problems and develop a society that is both peaceful and respectful. Therefore, it would be right to say that without disciplinr there is no life at all.