Fiction – A defense Mechanisms for the Bibliophiles

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 Fiction is an illusion of the real world and the stories depict us as the reflection of the society, where the characters narrate somewhere in the minds of the readers and make them feel as if it’s their own story portrayed.

As an ardent bibliophile, I get fantasized reading those fictional books which have those themes of love, trust, rebounding, etc. certain books in popular fiction namely as such, Funny Boy, The Handmaid’s Tale, have these feministic approaches applied in it.

Profoundly, fiction and the fictional characters showcase in the books is the harsh reality of society which is dwelled up in sugary coated form and presented to the readers.

     Whether it is taking the example of the well-known melancholic romantic classic novel: “The Wuthering Heights” where the story doesn’t only show us a typical class distinction love story but also gives us the real facts about the medieval 18th century of the Victorian age.

    Factually the 18th-century novel is still loved by the readers and left an imprint of so-called the situation of women at that time.

                 Any fiction is a source of information of age and transfers the knowledge to the global readers of all generations. Decade by decade those stories remain like a classic grandma’s tale whoever reads it. Those fictional characters emotionally get connected with the readers and give them a sense of realization of their situation.

              The depth of fictional stories is such that it gets attached to the readers and makes them feel that they are among them. The power of Arjie (in THE FUNNY BOY) made the readers feel that how a 12yr old Gay boy feels, how he was perplexed and abashed within his own identity and how Arjie made his readers feel his pain. Many readers like Arjie who battle with their identity crisis every day, got a realization that one must be never ashamed of themselves, rather one should be proud of who one is and their originality is the best and purest unique thing which makes them beautiful in there own way.

The youngsters in general, who live a non-plussed life, often prefer to live in these fictional worlds and engross themselves in these stories like a dreamer who wanders on an unknown island without any purpose but finds a destination end.

           The readers live the story when they read those stories, the philanthropic deeds of the characters make a reader see the real world. Fictional stories have always been the best media through which writers sends this message to their readers that, the world is still a beautiful place to live and one must never lose hope like Harry Potter who had a miserable childhood but when he went to the school of Hogwarts, his life became beautiful and reason to live.

       The inevitable vague ideas and situations are also portrayed beautifully. Fiction is like an ocean which is vast as such precious and the characters are the mermaid which is still a mystery and the stories are like pearls that are present somewhere but lost in the ocean.

     Metaphor is that the relevancy of the fictional books is sometimes not conveyed to the outer world and misunderstood by many of the readers, but still, the beauty lies within the oceanic, fictional book.