Ideal student

An ideal student is one who is good at skills and an motivation to everyone in the class. Schooling is one of the best blessings that a child can have. It is one of the best feelings which no others can have.

The ideal student is the one who respects others feelings and who will be obedient in many of the situations.

The student’s relation with the teacher is a great one. A student must maintain a healthy relationship with the teachers. Teachers play a very important role in making the student perfect and make them to understand the need of the situation. Teachers help the students to reach their desired goals and in any situation teacher motivates a student to get up and stand in all the ups and downs. Like that of the mother and the father, the teacher also feels equally happy when their student acheives high in their life and when they reach their desired goals.

An ideal student will never feel low at the failures. Instead, they will take their mistakes as an experience and will continue the hard work.

Some of the qualities that make an ideal student are :

  1. Hard work
  2. Discipline
  3. Taking responsibility
  4. Maintaining friendly relationships
  5. Respecting everyone
  6. Raising diubts without features.


  1. • Ideal student traits make him uniqu, anong others.
    • It is believed that an ideal student will never waste his time and energy on non- productive things.
    • The ideal student has inborn winning qualities.
    • Ideal students will always goal- oriented. Thys, they play according to actions to reach their goals.
    • It is proven that ideal students will punctual in school and always on time regularly.
    • He respects everyone. He also obeys their instructions and others.
    • Ideal students are not bookwarms. They keenly observe and read wisely.
    • Ideal students take his studies with all seriousness. They dont’t allow any other activites to disturb them
    • Ideal students always seek the teacher’s guidance. Also, they believe in the knowledge of their teachers.
  1. • Ideal students are always thirsty to gain knowledge.
  2. • They always strive to reach their goals
    • Ideal students always dedicated to their education and work.
    • Ideal students behave well and very attentive in classes. They always listen to their teachers while classes are going on
    • They never hesitate to raise their doubts about studies if they feel some difficulty in understanding.
    • one of the best things about ideal students is that they are very friendly. Also, they help yo his friends regarding studies.
    • Ideal students are creative and think out of the box for any completion of tasks.
    • He always inspire eveyone and attracts the teachers and elders easily.
    • Ideal students are very responsible and underdtand the value of every wird from their elders.

• Ideal students are always fit both physically and mentally.
• Ideal students can differentiate between what is right and what is wrong .
• Ideal students always keep friendly relations with othet students even though he has many competitors
• He always maintains his promise and never feels proud of his awards and achievements.
• Ideal students will nevet trust in superstitions, but believe beliefs. It is because they think very logically abd ratinally.
• An ideal students tries to improvr in all aspects of his life and to reach goals.
• Ideal students show affection and respect towards their elders and parents.
• Ideal students read a lot of books.
• The ideal students will take responsibility for their society and country.
• An ideal student will never look fir shortcuts. They believe that hard work is the only way to succeed in life.

In simple terms, an ideal students is science towards academics and maintains friendly relations with teachers and elders. Aldo, an ideal student will have leadership and communication skills.
The role of an ideal student is both attentibe and punctual in duties. He goes to his school, college or university in time. He attends the classes on regular basis .