Some believe in ‘KARMA’, some doesn’t.

If karma works, why are so many corrupt people successful? Why do good people have to struggle?

Karma, as a concept, was the idea of cause and effect translated through multiple lives, not just through one.

That by living a good life now and being kind and happy, you will create a positive start for whatever meets you after you pass away.In this sense, Karma isn’t something we will feel any effects of now and is something we will only come to see once we meet our next life.However, even if we do take out that concept the idea is still one of Cause and Effect.Good deeds cause good things, and bad deeds cause bad things, but it never said that we had any control as to what things we gain from what deeds.

When talking about Karma we assume that it is all one big ball of yarn.Different colored strings are so intertwined in this ball that it looks like a rainbow colored sphere where everything is connected.However, the truth may be a little different.

What if Karma did not work like we assume it does?

What if you cannot just treat others nicely and make more money because those two are not connected?

What if you actually had to pull on the money string to get money karma?

And what if, by doing well on the ‘treating others’ string you simply get others to treat you better too?

But then again, maybe that would not be Karma anymore but a very straight-forward matter of cause-and-effect. Most of us do not like this explanation because it means we cannot be as comfortable as we have been. We like the idea of being able to pull on a string that comes easiest to us to uplift our entire lives, for some things just do not come that easy to us. But maybe that is where we have been wrong in what we think Karma is all about. Maybe the successful, but corrupt people, just knew what strings to pull to get to success and have that area of life in order while the rest is crumbling around them. And maybe we do not know how to pull the strings of success so we struggle in a world of niceties and laziness.

Honestly, I do not know how Karma works or if it does. I am probably wrong about it all. Maybe we all are. Karma might just be an idea we tell ourselves to feel more justified in being nice and treating others kindly, but maybe it matters not one bit.

‘Who knows?’

The thing is that it clearly does not work as simply as we make it out to work, for we do see contradictory examples everywhere. But if we take the idea of the ball of yarn, I believe we get a lot closer to how Karma may truly work.

For if you work on your finances every day, if you are charitable and treat others at your job well while still fostering the belief that money will find its way to you, chances stand much better you do create more money for yourself. Psychology supports this concept through things such as the Confirmation Bias, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Selective Attention. You will likely find more opportunities and therefore more successes in this area if you do more good deeds here, which is the whole point. If you pull on the green string you will get greener results, but you may not get green results by pulling on the red string. You cannot just do good to get good things returned to you in a completely separate area of life.

Successful people, as corrupt as they may Be, often at least have something they know about success.

Some cheat their way through, others lie their way through, and others hide the truth or weasel their way through with other people, but as long as they find a way that means there has to be something they know we do not. And while we go through life being honest, nice and hard-working there is clearly something that is not leading to more success. That does not mean you have to stop being honest, nice or hard-working, but rather that it may be time to learn about success and money instead of relying on Karma to do it all for you. It’s easy to say that we could just be as corrupt as they are and then we’d be rich and famous too, but I believe it is a little more complicated than that, for there are already quite a few corrupt but unsuccessful people out and about.

Corruption is not the string that will lead to success either.

It’s easy to point the finger towards others but maybe we have to ask ourselves what the things were we did and did not do. Maybe we got the Karma, but maybe it was just by getting something we did not want to get. If you have your health, if you have people that care for you, if you have a roof over your head and clean water, then you already have more than most, which may mean your Karma is quite positive.

Whether or not I am right with my assumptions does not really matter. If I am not and Karma is supposed to work in a way where pulling one string leads to random, but positive, results, then maybe there is just something wrong with the system or maybe you did not yet pull hard enough. Either way, even then learning about success and money and taking actions that lead to results you want to have may just be more reliable way to go.

For if Karma does not exist at least this way will give you more opportunities to create the life you want to create.

I, for one, will take the route that gives me the most likely chance to create the life I want, and if that means doing extra work then so be it!

What about you?

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