Technology used in our daily life.

Technology plays an important role in our daily life. We can’t live a single day without using technologies even in every minute we are using cars for going anywhere, mobile phones for call and text message which are part of technology. Starting our day from going to the bed very much we are dependent to the technology.

Today technology has pierced in every aspect of our life: entertainment to communications, travels and tourism, nuclear weapons, electronic gadgets, televisions, internet service. Also communication has become zoom speedy through technology and become so much updated like from cycle to bikes, telephones to mobile phones, advance PCs and laptops.

Remember, ” EVERY COIN HAS TWO SIDES”, in modern day technology made human life easy and it is time saving also. On the other side technology also create several negative effects in human life. Some of the technologies has escaped from human control. Somewhere it made our life complicated. Not everyone knows the right way of using technologies and it is also difficult to understand for lots of peoples. Humans are now very much addicted to cars, bikes mobile phones, electronic gadgets, machines etc.

Technology has both positive and negative effects,it is just a revolutionary way of improving quality of human life and to the advanced generation. I can’t imagine the life without cars, trains, bus, mobile phones, airplanes, etc.