The Fault in our Stars- The ending we all deserve

A young boy was in the cemetery with his mother, the boy’s mother pulling her oxygen tank behind her stopped at a grave and gently replaced the wilted flowers with fresh ones and kept a new pack of cigarettes next to it. As a tear rolled down her eyes, the boy came up to her and tugged on her sleeve. She was wearing the same old black dress she wore 5 years ago this day, at the very same spot.

“Mom, when is going to wake up, I really want to play with him”, he asked his mother.

“What can I say, he just loves to nap like a cat, all day long. I’m kind of getting sick oh him too “, she wiped her eyes,

“Come on Peter, its time to go, we’ll let this sloth rest some more, Okay?”

“Okay.”, he replied, clutched on her hands and galloped his way back to the car.

Isaac was waiting in his car, with his typical sunglasses on. He had been offered his most awaited robot eyes, but he refused because he didn’t want to look at a world where there was no Augustus. He helped Peter climb up on the front seat, closed the door and put his seat belt on.

“Car picnic?”, he asked Peter who was always excited every time they came to visit Augustus, as he got to meet his favorite pal Isaac. Afterwards they would visit Funky Bones and have his mother’s special Tomato and Dutch Cheese sandwich. He wondered where she learned to make it from, they were really saggy because of the excess tomatoes she put in, but he loved them. Later they would go to Isaac’s place and play Counter Insurgence. He had gotten better at it than Isaac, but Isaac would say “Augustus is still better than you” to get back at him. This was what made Peter so eager to meet Augustus so he could finally show how good he was at his this game.

“Hey, do you want me to go with you tomorrow? I can get mom to look after Peter”, Hazel asked Isaac.

“No I’ll be fine, I actually want to do this alone”, said Issac.

He didn’t. The only person he would rather have gone with was Augustus. He was getting his eye surgery done finally, because how could he not? He didn’t want to not look at Augustus’s son anymore. He wanted to know how blue his eyes were, how crooked his smile, just like his father. He wanted him to grow up and go “egging at ex-girlfriends’ houses” with him, only this time he wanted to be sure where he was throwing the egg. He wasn’t getting his eyes back to look at an Augustus-less world, he was getting them because he couldn’t live without seeing the last piece of Augustus. The only person he wanted to share this day with was Augustus and Hazel understood.

“Okay. Give me a call when you are done. Peter and I will go pick you up.”

Isaac was waiting for his turn at the doctor’s chamber. He was nervous, scared but full of hope. The hope of seeing the unexpected. He heard his name called, and the nurse helped him inside.

“Hello”, he said. “My name is Isaac Lahey. I have a 2:30 appointment”

Sitting behind her desk was Monica in a white coat.

She had broken up with Isaac because she was in love with him. And if they were together and he died, then she wasn’t sure she’d be able to love anyone anymore. After she broke up. she had gone into her room, cried for a few days, and moved to New York City, because staying would’ve reminded her of Isaac too much. But there was one problem. When she tried to leave, her car was egged. She spent a few hours cleaning it up, and quickly left after that. After making it to NYC, she stayed with a friend, went to medical school, specialized in Ophthalmology, in memory of Isaac , whom she hadn’t spoken to in 6 years, hoping that one day a tall, lanky, dark haired guy would walk into her office with a pair of dark shades, and she would be the one giving his eyes back and the one first one he sees when he finally can.

Monica did a double take, ran towards him and kissed him, then jabbed surgical weapons down Isaac’s eye sockets but lets skip that part.

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