The man who remembers everything

We all do different things in our daily life. There are a lot of things that we do and we forget abut it the next day, sometimes we don’t even remember what we had for breakfast as the day ends. But can you believe me when I say that here is a man who remembers every single second of his life.

Yes, he remembers where he was, what he did, what he eat and everything that he did for the past 50 tears. He is like a encyclopedia for his memories. You can give him any date and he can tell, where he was, with whom he was, what he did, what he felt and what the weather was like.

The man remembers the first time he voted, the date, the year and for the person he voted for as well. So, after reading all the above you must be wondering who is this guy and is this even scientifically proven?? Is this true or just a hoax cause obviously no one will know if he is lying or telling the truth.

The man’s name is Bob Patrella and he lives in Los Angeles, USA. The man claims to have the best memory in the world. The man have to say that he himself did not knew about it first but one day when his friends asked him about a birthday party he had 10 years ago, he was able to describe the whole day without missing a single detail. According o Bob, he was able to remember all his birthdays since he was 5 years old but he thought that everyone was able to do that and did not took it as something special.

The friends upon hearing the details started asking him about different dates and more events and about different things that he did. No matter the date, month or year he could tell them everything. What they wore, what they did and even how he felt on that specific day.Bob says that he remembers his birthday specifically of the year 1979 cause that was the birthday when he found out that his partner was cheating on him with his roommate.

Bob also says that the coolest thing about this is that he does not needs any social media platform to remember things and to remember birthdays.

There have been numerous studies taken place to find out the reason for this capability of Bob but it is still not found how he is able to do this.

But according to Bob it is not all good for him when it comes to remember things because not every single memory is not something you want to remember. He says that he cannot forget the bad experiences he had and everything something like that happens against all comes back to him and it is not easy to deal with. That’s why when his brother past away soon after his parents he has to face a strong depression.

Bob said,” It was really difficult. It was like I have to deal with the same grief all over again.”

So in order to get over this Bob decided to find a way to deal with this situation. He says that Whenever he feels low and sad he goes back to the happy memories of his family, puts a smile on his face.

Bob Said,” Just going back in time, now that my mother is gone. Just hearing the sound of my mother’s voice is very therapeutic for me.”

So what do you think about this man. Is t possible for someone to remember everything and is it a good think to as sharp memory as Bob Patrella. Because there might be things that you would like to forget and there might be the ones that you would never want to forget about.

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