🐯🐅Tiger in the Tunnel – Ruskin Bond 🐅🐯:


🌟Tiger in tunnel is short story written by Ruskin Bond.
🌟He was born on May 19,1934.
🌟His important works are The Room on the Roof and The Night Train at Deoli.
🌟He received Sahitya Academic award and padma Shri award for contributions to children’s literature.
🌟In this story bond says about the courage and strength of a father and his son.

🐯🐅Baldeo and his son Tembu🐅🐯:

🔹️Tembu is a twelve-year-old child lives with his father Baldeo, mother and his younger sister in a tribal village on the outskirts of a jungle forest in India.
🔹️The family faces a meagre subsistence,as they are dependent upon a nearby rice field for produce,and the field provides very little.
🔹️To earn more money,Baldeo works as a watchman for the railroad.
🔹️Everynight, he stays in a bare hurt near a tunnel cut into the rock,his duty it to keep the signal lamp burning and make sure that you tunnel is clear of obstruction so that the overland mail can pass through safely.

🔹️When he does not have to help his mother and little sister at home,Tembu accompanies his father leaving to check the signak lamp,and he thinks to go with his father.
🔹️Baldeo, told that it is cold outside and he requested him to stay in hut itself.
🔹️Baldeo walks in the forest with confidence.
🔹️He is used to ways of the jungle and carries a weapon, a small axe.
🔹️Whe Baldeo reaches the tunnel,he finds that the signsl light is out.

🔹️Hauling the lamp down by its rope,he relishes it and place it back into position.
🔹️When this task is done,he walks quickly down the length of the tunnel and returns to the entrance.
🔹️He waits for the train at that time one tiger suddenly springs into the area and heads straight towards Baldeo.
🔹️Baldeo stands firmly with his back to the signal-post, and when the tiger attacks, he leaps to the side and tries to get the tigers neck by his age but as the tiger ducks away,the are strikes his forefoot and remains stuck in it almost severing it.
🔹️The tiger groans and pounces upon the punny man and tear his body apart.

🔹️After killing him the tiger sits down licking his leg where he was struck by the axe.
🔹️While Tembu waits for his father to come back, there at stop,the tigers half body was seen still above cow-catcher.
🔹️Tembu comes out to search for his father and as he finds him dead,controls himself and protects his father’s body from the tiger with the help of his father axe.
🔹️Baldeo’s Family was in a shock but life had to go on and Tembu had to take place of Baldeo.


🌟In the end,Tembu was seen sitting at the cutting with the lamp lit and whistling to himself as he was not afraif of anything now for his father had killed the famous man-eating ‘Tunnel Tiger ‘.
🌟Even if there is trouble, he had the axe to his defence.

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