Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect 


Greenhouses affect the level of oceans and seas. Many environmental problems arise due to carbon dioxide excess in the environment. Reason of greenhouse effects is excess use of chemicals which release harmful gases.  Individuals can reduce the carbon footprints. Government can also take strict action against the companies who are responsible for degradation in the environment. 

Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect means increasing the level of gases in the earth’s atmosphere which leads to the warmness in the environment and an excess of the temperature of the environment. 

In the atmosphere there are three layers of exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere. 

There is an ozone layer above the stratosphere. It helps to protect from ultraviolet rays and maintain the temperature of the environment. Due to the pollution, the ozone layer starts depleting. The gases are trapped in the atmosphere and increase the warmth (by 3- 4 degree celsius) in the environment. 

 The gases which are responsible for the greenhouse effect are:

Carbon, nitrous oxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and water vapour.

Type of layers in atmosphere.

Causes of greenhouse effect

Over time human activities continue to develop. Humans want more and more from everything. Burning fossil fuel, deforestation for urbanisation and cultivation, progress in chemical factories, use of cfcs in cooling stuff of home appliances, overpopulation, farming, transportation, landfill and forestry smog and pollution, acidification of water bodies and industrial act effect  leads to climate change in the environment.

 According to the environmental experts and scientists only the United States of America produces 95% of the gases worldwide (5th assessment report on climate change).

Reference link of that report.

Impact of greenhouse effect 

  • Melting of polar ice – Due to the rise in temperature the polar ice starts melting. The level of oceans and seas increased, which led to floods and cyclones. 
  • Climatic extremes-  climatic extremes such as drought, excess rainfall , leads to threat to the life and wealth of an individual. An increase of co2 in the environment also affects the ecosystem of a particular place. Some fungi, pests and weeds are also deprived under warm water.
  • Impact on crops- our crops are also affected by the increasing of level co2 in the environment.  Co2 reduces the nutrient level of crops. It imbalanced the concentration of protein and other important and essential nutrients.
  • Health issues- warming the environment also increase the health risk of an individual. Malaria, cholra, dengue and now covid-19  all are result of increasing the temperature in the environment.
  • Migration of species- due to the change in the climate, many species have to migrate forcefully from their regions. The migration create the problem of sustaning and settlement.

Prevention from greenhouse effect

Reducing the emission of gases lead gcan prevent the greenhouse effect. International organisation also give some recommendations as follow

At individual level

  • Use of renewble energy- we should use solar panel for our household and small industries.
  • Use of public transport insist of private: Transportron also increase the level of co2 in the environment because of the combustion of dissel and petrol. So we should use public transport instead of private.
  • Afforestion- Go green , grow more trees. Trees and plants  consume the carbondioxide and release oxygen and make the environment cool in temperature.

at national level

  • India greenhouse programme- The programme provide standarized method and measure to use GHG emission.
  • The world resources (WRI)-  it was launched by 2013 and provide the companies knowledge of identify the emission, measure the use of GHG, establish the long and short terms goals.
  • National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) 2008.- The plan take initiative to work for the mitigation of green house gas emissuon that are causing change in climate.


The green house effect has cause by the emission of methane, nitrous oxide and carbondioxide. The level of increasing co2 in the environment can lead the warmth in the temperature. Due to the high temperature the polar ice are melting which leads flood and other climatic extreme. We should work at the rooth level to reduced the emission of co2 gasses.