Internship and its importance

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An internship is a professional learning experience that offers practical experience related to a particular field of study .it gives a student many opportunities such as work experience ,exploration of career, increase our network, gain confidence etc. internship may be paid or unpaid.

Generally , there is a exchange of services during a Internships. we do internships for many reasons such as work experience ,confidence etc. and company or the organization ,who are giving us internships also want something back from us. If they ae very satisfied and impressed from our work they also offer a full time job in there company .Internships can be of any duration like 1 month , 3 months or 6 months.

There are different types of internships ,an internship can be paid internship or unpaid. In paid, they give a particular stipend per month. internships may be part time or full time. that are flexible with students schedule. internships are very common in professional fields like engineering, medical, law , architectures and various fields.

Importance of internship

Getting internships is a very important part of starting our career.

  1. Career exploration :- Internship is best way to apply your all knowledge, study and skills in a real world we know studying theoretically in class is good but applying that knowledge in internship definitely helps in exploring career for our future that suits us perfectly.

2. Helps in gaining experience:- It helps us gaining a work experience before doing gives an edge to a particular person who is doing internships than other will not only helps in gaining experience but it will also boost our confidence for upcoming challenges and jobs. It also teach us how to work under pressure with deadlines, because of these challenges we will not get much difficulties in jobs.

3.Check our strength and weakness:- During an internship we will be also able to check our strengths and weaknesses we will be able to know whether we are able to cop up with our schedule, whether we are doing our work before deadline etc. git also helps one in realizing that doing job in this field will be good or not. whether we like it or not.

4. Increasing network connections:- An internship is a very valuable opportunity through which we can built strong connections .The more people we interact in the company or organization ,the more we learn and grow. The more network we will have, there will be more chance to get a descent job.

5.Resume:-Most companies before hiring us want us to have some professional work experience before that. we can loose a job opportunity we if have not done even a single internship before if we have done Internship and we have told it in our resume. our resume becomes better and strong that the one who has not done any kind of internship. An internship will definitely boost our resume.


Internships play a major role in shaping our gives us exposure of real experience of working environment and also helps us to know about ourselves, our strength and weaknesses.