Have anyone seen God in person? I think many of us would answer, No. But the right thing is everyone is seeing God daily in face of our mother. Yes, she is a unique gift, God had given to us. Am I right, now? In precise, she is the world’s precious gift which God have given to us. The feeling which we get when we are with our mother is the true divine feel that can be felt when we pray to God. None of us might say, I don’t like my mother, right? I can answer this myself. No one would say, I don’t like my mother. Though we don’t say anything to her, should would find what happened to us. And ask us what had happened. This is the divine feel of motherhood. Have you ever thought how things are hard to your mother?

The happiest feeling in this world is that a girl is carrying an another life in her. Yes, that feel cannot be bought buy money. Do you know how happy a mother would be when she is carrying her child in her uterus? Eventhough, she doesn’t know whether you are a boy or a girl, she had began to love you already. The only soul who loved you since the day you began to grow in her belly, is definitely your mother. She cannot eat the food she likes, or to lead her normal life. She lives in a dream world while she is carrying you. A survey says that the pain of childbirth is equal to jumping from the highest palce and even it is equal to the crushing of all the bones in your body. The pain we say that I was cheated by someone, hurt by someone, etc., can we say this pain is equal to the pain your mother endured during your birth? No. This labor pain cannot be expressed in words. A mother risk her life to give birth to her child and let him/her see this beautiful world. Everyone in the world can be selfish, greedy and picky but not our mom. She has never been greedy or selfish because she had you. After birth, she gives her blood as milk that’s been the food to us. No matter whatever heights we reach and whatever we do, this life and body is given by her. A mother would do anything to make her child feel happy and secure.

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No matter how tired she is or how sick she is, the first word come from her mouth would be have you eaten? This shows that nothing matters more than you. Do you know how late she sleep and how early she wake up? Many don’t know, because they haven’t noted this! The next thing is giving the things that we want. If you want anything to eat, without any hesitation she make and give you, right? She doesn’t care whether she likes it or not!. She just want us to be happy and healthy. Sometimes, she used to eat the leftovers and sleep with a half-filled stomach. Mother is the one who teach us what is good and what is wrong in everything. She will correct the mistakes that we make.

After marriage, all the girls, you would be able to feel that motherhood is a gift to us. Yes, motherhood is the unique gift given by god to us. We feel sorry for the child without a mother and a mother without a child. Motherhood is same for everyone. Even the sterile women have the feeling of motherhood. So, stop judging women by their fertile or sterile nature. Let me ask you a quuestion. If your mother has gone out in the morning and haven’t been back to home for a day what would you do? Obivously, you would search for her right. This shows how you love your mother and how the bond between you two is! Think about a child without mother? Not having a mother is the only thing they would regret throughout their life. I hope you would have understood how mother is important in your life!

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Don’t hurt or scold or argue with your mother for some silly things and don’t make her feel upset about it. Because there are children longing for mother’s love. Cherish this wonderful gift, God have given to you. Cherish your mom as high as you can. At last, Mom-the divine soul, this title suits this article right? God is in the face of your mother. Make you mother feel happy for you. Spare some time, talk to her. This would be the great gift that you give her.

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