Star Trek(2009): Explained

Star trek was an amazing television series in the 1960s that followed the adventures of the federation ship USS Enterprise. The series is set in a world where the united federation of planets is protected by an organisation known as Starfleet. The movie is a reboot that puts a little spin on the original characters. The movie takes place in an alternate future, this was deliberately done to separate the reboot from the original series.

The movie starts in 2233 where the federation star ship USS Kelvin investigates a lightning storm in space. The strom serves as some kind of gateway and a Romulan ship Narada comes through it and attacks the Kelvin, Narada’s first officer demands the enterprise’s captain come aboard the ship. The captain is questioned by the Narada’s commander Nero, the captain is killed by Nero and the ship resumes its attack on the Kelvin. George Kirk assumes the command of the Kelvin and orders the others to evacuate while he pilots the Kelvin into a collision course with the Narada to ensure the crews survival. Among the survivors, George’s wife gives birth to James Tiberius Kirk.

Seventeen Years Later James now raised on earth becomes an intelligent but reckless man, meanwhile on Vulcan a young Spock enlists in the Starfleet instead of joining the Vulcan science academy. James gets into a bar fight with Starfleet cadets and meets Captain Pike, Pike convinces James to join the Starfleet to honour his father and use his talents. Kirk meets and befriends Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy aboard the ship that take them to the Starfleet academy. Three years later James is accused by commander Spock of cheating on a simulation test known as the Kobayashi Maru, and Kirk is put on trial to be expelled from the academy. Before an official result can be had for the trial the Starfleet receives a distress signal from Vulcan, ships are mobilized to respond to the signal. Bones helps James get aboard the Enterprise by faking a medical condition.

Kirk breaks protocol when he realises the lightning storm is the same as the one which claimed his fathers life and convinces Pike that the distress signal is a trap. Upon arriving the Enterprise witnesses a decimated fleet, Narada destroyed the fleet and is drilling into Vulcan’s core. Narada hails the Enterprises and demands Pike to come aboard, Pike agrees but formulates a plan to destroy the drill. He makes James the first officer and enlists James, Hikaru Sulu and Orson to perform a space jump to destroy the drill. James and Sulu are successful in destroying the drill but not before Nero injects red matter in the planets core and sets it off. The enterprise is able to save Spock’s father and the high council before the planets destruction.

Nero tortures Pike to learn about the access codes for Earths defence system. Spock beams James on Delta Vega after James tries to mutiny, James is immediately attacked by a creature and somehow fends it off. On the planet James encounters an older Spock who reveals he is from the future, he tells that Nero destroying the Kelvin created an alternate timeline. The old Spock tells James about Nero’s vengeance against him, Spock couldn’t stop a disaster which resulted in Nero’s planet dying. The duo reaches a Starfleet outpost on Delta Vega where they find engineer Montgomery Scott, Spock helps Scotty develop a warp beam that allows James and Scotty to warp onto the Enterprise.

James manages to prove Spock into attacking him, this forces Spock to relinquish his command to First officer James. Spock decides to help James after a talk with his father. James and Spock beam themselves on the Narada to rescue Captain Pike and save the earth, after a brief fight James manages to veer the Narada into a collision course with the old Spock’s ship. The collision destroys the Narada just before James, Spock and Pike are beamed back to the Enterprise.

James is promoted to captain and he assumes the command of the Enterprise and, Pike is promoted to rear admiral. After some encouragement from his older self Spock joins the enterprise as its First officer and hopes to build a friendship with James.

The movie has 2 sequels and we will be looking at them soon. Until then Live Long and Prosper.

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