Majority of population in India thinks that stock market is a gambling like casino. To be honest that’s not the reality.

Being in the stock market field for 1 year , I have realized that stock market is a far bigger concept that what normal people think it is. Even if you blindly invest in stocks of any company you are still speculatively investing and not gambling! The simple reason is that there is a sort of ownership here.

Investing in stocks involves careful analysis of company’s performance and future forecast. So as to own a handful of shares for some period of time, to claim trust on the products of the company, further gearing the economy.

as said by WILSON MIZNER : Gambling is the sure way of getting nothing from something.

When you gamble , you get to own nothing. You play with the available probabilities and are run by emotions or gut to chase a win.

Hence from this blog I just want to convey a message to all the readers that Investing in stocks is a gambling is a MYTH !!