India is a secular country. People of various religions reside here and all have different festivals to celebrate. All the festivals are celebrated with great joy and unity and people of some other religion celebrating festivals of another is not a rare sight.
One such festival is Diwali, also called Deepawali. It is a festival mainly celebrated among Hindus. It holds a good position in the list of important festivals for the people of the community. Not only adults, the children too wait eagerly all year round for the festival.
The celebrations not just start on the day of the festival but begin a couple of days before. People visit their relatives and neighbors and the exchange of sweets, utensils, and ornaments takes place. Dhanteras, Govardhan Puja, and Chotti Diwali are other small occasions that precede Diwali. People light up their homes, draw mesmerizing and colorful rangolis and decorate their houses. Children cannot wait to run outside and burst firecrackers with their friends after the puja. People dress up wearing new clothes and are all set to click pictures. A feast is prepared and people enjoy themselves to the fullest.
But what is the reason that these particular celebrations are made? Why not the occasion be celebrated some other way?
Well, there is a reason for that too. The festival of Diwali dates back to the time of Lord Rama. It is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. Also to celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after killing Ravana, to save his wife Sita. He then came back to Ayodhya to become an ideal king. For this, people spend the whole day decorating their homes and shops and colorful and sweets and chocolates are displayed outside shops.
Not only Lord Rama, but people also worship Goddess Lakshmi.
Over the years, Diwali has been celebrated with complete enthusiasm but a part of the celebration is causing harm to not just animals, but us also.
Firecrackers have been a big menace over the years. Cases of extreme burns and injuries can be seen in the news just a day after the festival.
Pollution is another problem. We already live in a highly polluted environment. Smokes from vehicles, less than the required number of trees are problems that are on the rise. On top of this, a lot of air pollution is added to the environment when firecrackers in such high numbers are burst. This pollution impacts the health of the kids and the elderly negatively.
Another issue which needs attention is the animals. Stray as well as pets. A lot of us have dogs at home or strays around us whom we love. Bursting of such high-sound firecrackers causes them stress. Some may even have heart attacks or are depressed for a long period. While pets can be soothed to some extent, it is the strays that suffer the most. Many of them get injured while wandering around a firecracker that has already been put on fire.
Wastage of money on these Chinese products is also one point. Most of the firecrackers are made in China and one should avoid using their products. Reasons are obvious and need no elucidation.
Diwali is an important festival, so why not make it enjoyable and memorable for everyone. Why not celebrate it safely to bring out the best memories possible of the festival!

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