Where is your Happiness?

Hey peps!

This blog will be all about my own mindset; about this title. I may discuss the facts which are known or experienced by you; but I hope this would make you realize something over again. So I am not going to include any quotes or philosophies but bare with me if it sounds so!.. Fine I do gasp at the key term, Happiness. There is one fine saying as ‘The world’s richest man is the one who finds his happiness‘. Hope we all running for it. But where it is?

Fine! How this abstract thing could be defined?. It may be some kind of satisfaction in whatever we do, we may feel it while we achieve our goal, may also be some kind of peace when we tend keep our loved one’s with ourself. It might also sense like when someone is suddenly turned from their rags to riches. It may also sense like when you don’t face any interruptions in whatever you do, so that you tend to accomplish your things. It could also feel like the very sense you get; when you realise that when you are treated like a king or queen. It can also be the feel that you initially get when you land in your dream job. It may also be the sense when we finally get to hear ‘covid is gone’!

So, the above said are certain instances which would make us feel better, if we get to really like it. We all are trained from our initial stage to run behind something, to chase out for some treasure. The end reaction of accomplishing the particular thing is the sense of relief and most of them define it as happiness. But can you realise that our happiness is depended upon the external factors! This life is something beautiful and we often forget to admire the little things amidst us. Finding joy also gets bounded to little things. It’s fine to have a purpose for our life but happiness is not bound only to such things; the factors which is elevated for our eyes. Everything depends upon the way we view it.

Mostly, we tend to seek our happiness in external factors or with others. Some are even chasing out something which gives them a kind of relief. ‘But happiness lies within ourself‘. We may receive it from others but it couldn’t equal the peaceful satisfaction that we get within ourselves. When we run behind someone or something, there comes a kind of exhaustion and though we receive certain happiness out of accomplishing certain things that we desire for a long time, it wouldn’t give the intensity of that feel which you had longed for; initially. Instead we can search for happiness within ourselves. “Everyday is a new day and it is not necessary for it to bloom with joy, love and curiosity. But it is in our hands to be happy for what we are and for whatever we have been through“. If you can’t get my words, think of a beggar who is happy without a single penny. It is definite that we would have come across such persons.

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