Not everything is free in this world. Which means “something must be free.” Like that no books are free but some e-books can. You can read a lot of books from some legit websites and apps.


Pdfdrive.com is a worldwide legit website. There are more than millions of books on that website. Pdfdrive.com has every kind of book like, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, Drama, romance, science-fiction, fantasy, and much more. You can find books there from Shakespeare’s dramas to Paulo Coelho’s recent best-selling novel, The Archer. You can even search in your own native language like Tamizh, English, French, German most of the famous books will be available there.

So, how to download them? Simple all files will be available in PDF modes. So, you just have to search the book on that website if it appears you have to click that book column and then the PDF column. The file will be downloaded. All you have to do is having a PDF reader apps on your device. And start reading. Voila.


We all know google is a multi-purpose search engine. We can watch videos, fill up forms, search for something that we want to know, download music, movies, songs, and images. And most of us never know we can download E-books too in our Google. Google has a lot of books available within it. Especially, in PDF forms. All you have to do is just type the “name of the book” and the “author” then type “book pdf download” or you can type as “book name” and “author name” then “. Pdf file” or “Book name” and the “author’s name” then “.pdf”

For example:

  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne book Pdf Download
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.pdf
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.pdf

If you search in these types, if it’s available, you will get some pdf results on the front page itself.


Playstore is well known for its Apps. And it has a lot of Ebook apps more than 100’s of them. You can just simply type and search the application and download it to use if you feel comfortable with it.

For Example:

  • “Free Ebooks apps”
  • “Free Ebooks reading apps”

You can simply type like this and you will get a lot of results. But, the main thing is these apps don’t have every book we would like to read. Mostly there will be books that are published before the twentieth century. So, you can have a good classic reading hour and some other famous books like detective novels and classic romances.


Amazon.in is an app and a legit online shopping website. Which is successfully operating all over the world. Yes, you can download some free Ebooks on Amazon too… The well-known famous app for readers is Kindle. This app is linked with Amazon, if you want to purchase any books from kindle it will direct you to an amazon app that’s where you can place the order and can read in kindle.

Sometimes some new authors fix their books on amazon for free download. Thus, people will try to read it. We can use that opportunity for ourselves. Just type free ebooks at amazon you will get to know what are ebooks are available as of that moment. And definitely, there will be a lot of classics for no cost on amazon.

If you are an avid reader kindly make use of it. If you are an amateur, take this as an opportunity to develop your reading habit.