SOUL is immortal and lives on through people’s impressions. There is something inside of all human beings that lives on forever. Even when death is upon us, the soul of a person never dies. Thus, we arrive at the statement the soul is immortal. Immortal is something we people associate with ideas like people or gods, who can never die. Immortal is a very strong word because it means quite a bit to human life, and more importantly the soul.

The soul is the most precious part of the human because it is more important than life itself. Every living human being shares the same characteristic as other human beings by possessing a soul. The soul is even a labeled characteristic of people who have already died. The soul stays with a person for all of eternity. It is something that is grown with a person as they move through life. The purpose of life is to be able to grow your own soul. The soul of the dead is remembered through the living. When you finally leave something for good you want everyone and everything to have a good last impression of you. Exactly for this reason it is important to grow your soul and leave life with a last final hurrah.

There are many people, I’m sure, who stand out in our minds who have the greatest souls that we have ever encountered. This kind of person goes out of their way to please other people. They don’t do anything wrong, do positive things day in and day out, and most of all, are happy with what they have in life. They try and spread joy to others through themselves. They also take pride and joy into what they are doing. That’s what makes up your soul. The things and activities you do during your life. These are the things you are remembered by. Negative and positive things will stay with you even after you pass away…


Philosophical and religious systems have different meanings for soul but their theme is similar. Plato defines soul from his teacher’s perspective, “…an essence of living things, which decides how they behave, live and it is a separate, immortal occupant of the body” .Plato learnt under the tutelage of Socrates and they hold the same view concerning soul. The soul continually interacts with the body and mind hence defining people’s behavior and actions.

The mind interaction with the soul enables it to understand actions either temporarily or permanently. Aristotle defines the soul as the backbone of living things but it is not part of their physical body. Hillman views the soul as the “self-sustaining and imagining substrate upon which consciousness rests, and which makes meaning possible, events into experiences, is communicated in love

Christian’s derivation of the soul is from the bible. Therefore, Christianity describes the soul as the centre aspect of humanity and other things created by God. However, the soul is separated from a person’s body. Hinduism maintains that the soul is the individual Self hence describes a person’s well being. On the other hand, Muslims describe the soul as the control of Allah in human beings. Therefore, when a person’s death is according to Allah, their soul is at rest.


The soul is a permanent part of living things whether dead or alive. This explains the origin of ghosts. The spirits of the dead are souls of people roaming on earth to avenge their death. Consequently, people who kill others undergo haunting experiences from the victim’s souls. From the description of soul existing in human beings, I generally respect humanity. This is also a way to avoid the wrath of ghosts. The soul signifies the spirituality of a person hence the innermost aspect of life.

According to teachings of Roman Catholic Church on soul, I repent my sins to avoid God’s rejection or judgments in hell after death. Christianity also teaches on the origin of soul, its fate, and God’s expectations. Another characteristic of soul is its ability to be active when one falls asleep and it inactive when one is awake. The characteristic of the soul as life, person, appetite, mind, desire, emotion, and passion describes how I live.

The ability to learn everything knowable about the human soul through research on the human brain can describe personal behavior. Every person’s belief, whether religious or not enables an easy understanding of the soul. Personally, I believe that people have a soul that enables me to judge their characters.

Therefore, I choose friends after carefully studying their souls and their behavioral character therein. This also affects my interaction with the community at large whether at home, school or in any public place. The plausible existence of the soul is that, it determines who I am and the way I live.


All life objects with a soul, defines their character and personal attributes. The world has ghosts; people believe that the soul lives on forever. Human beings’ souls determine their character, their way of life including how they carry out their daily wherever they go. In the traditional community, the souls or spirits hovering on earth were killed using fire to stop them from interfering with people’s lives.

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