Do Fairy Tales Ruin Reality?

“Love doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be true.”

These are the renowned line from the famous the “Beauty and the Beast”. Fairy tales and fables are the most essential part of an every children’s life which ultimately develops his or her imagination level. These stories and fables are something which we all have heard in our life. These fairy tales worlds seemed to be the most beautiful world in childhood for each child. Be it our childhood or adolescence these stories are admired by everyone. These tales tell us meaning of existence, behavior we should follow in life and moral norms which the society praises. Every girl wishes to be Cinderella and every little boy wish to be as smart and brave as Prince Charming was. All the beautiful castle and magic wards is the reason behind making our entire childhood fantastic.

After hearing all these stories and fables we all believe that identifying Prince Charming is very easy were the Prince Charming will always come in a white horse and the Beast will come wearing a black dress. But the reality is something opposite to it, where it is not mandatory that the prince will come on a white dress and the beast will come with black outfit. When we look at the situation of today’s generation we find that true love is pictured and looks adorable only is big screen and not in reality. Truth is money; power and position have successfully overpowered love. Childhood is the most innocent age where kids believe what they see but reality is very much different from it there is a huge difference between real life and reel life. Watching Cinderella with his Prince Charming might look adorable but the reality is if we turn the pages of the newspaper we may find that each day hundreds of Cinderella are burned and raped or is attempting suicide just because the one she thought her Prince Charming was actually a devil with the white horse. Another interpretation of it is since childhood we are taught that our prince will are come to rescue us whenever we are in a problem. This gives an exact mirror of our patriarchal society and out-dated thinking which is the male members always plays the role of a hero and he is the one who will always save his better half. This notion is put up in the minds of the kids since there childhood. Women are always considered inferior in front of society and needs a man or we can say her hero who will always come to save her life whatever the situation is.

I don’t think fairy tales ruin reality but it is the wrong person who projects to be the prince and at last we came to known that he is actually the devil in the getup of prince. What I feel is it is not mandatory to project only the boy as the hero of every story. Now days, girls are no less than man and a times are considered as better than mans. Also, every time a female is only demonstrated as the one who have negative characteristic. Summing up that, having male power is not necessary to be well-thought-out as hero. The one who knows how to tackle a situation and to know give back even more in return is the one considered as a hero.

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