Gorilla trekking

Hello guys Today we are going to discuss about an unique trekking

I am sure you guys have heard Gorilla and trekking these two words respectively .But how did a relationship form between these two and how did this topic of Gorilla trekking came into existence is what we are going to talk about .

Generally trekking means a long journey typically on foot , and gorillas are largest of the great apes and are the largest living primates.
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Gorilla trekking refers to people hiking through forests to see mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat unlike how we visit zoos to watch animals here the animals are not caged.

This trekking happens in forests of Africa at Bwindi National park in Uganda and also in Rwanda.

It's a popular choice for travel bucket list of many travellers.But for trekking almost for 8 hours you need stamina,physical fitness and also should be able to balance yourself out there
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The Gorilla trek tour costs ranges from $1,200  to $3,300 from cheapest to expensive respectively.The package includes a Gorilla tacking permit,private transport ,an English speaking guide , accomodation and meals.

You may think is it safe to join this kind of trip? yes ,these gorillas are habituated to the presence of trekkers and considered to be safe,but precautions are needed to be taken so the gorillas don’t get agitated by our behavior .

June July august are considered to be park seasons for Gorilla trekking and there is a tough competition for their permits during these months.

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There are certain rules you should follow while trekking so that you a can avoid any types of discomfort during this trip.Planning before the trip is a must and to cut down the costs on the trip better to choose reliable packages and plans.

This trekking has been a life changing experience for many travellers and it is very fascinating to see their true nature in their natural habitat.


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