How to make a good friend

How to be a good friend

            If you have a good friend ask yourself are you a good friend too.

Here are some of the thing that plays a role in friendship.

  • Support
  • Trust worthy
  • Listen
  • Respect boundaries
  • Allow you to be honest
  • Disagree


            We humans we have many ups and downs in the world. Friends are the one who always stud with us and support. So being a good friend is about being the best accompanian. One should support in other one’s down and help him/ her to grow. It’s not about going with everything’s but making him to grew in the best things and keeping him away from the worst.

Trust worthy

            Trust is the simple five letter word that holds the greatest bond’s in the earth. Trust is the important thing in every bonds of love. Being trust worthy will make the friendship to grew years and years. You should make promise if only you can keep it. Breaking promise will definitely breaks the bond. Breaking the bonds often is like making your friend to conclude that you are not the best one.


            As a friend, I want or I wish my friend to listen me, that’s what we all except from each other. If you are not listening to her, it’s like you are avoiding her. For example, if your friend is going to share about personal problem and you are not listening to her, think how she would get hurt. It will make her think negative about you, so just listen to your friends and allow her/him share their thoughts.

Respect boundaries.

            Each of us have a personal space and we have our own secrets and we wish to have boundaries so, as like that each person’s in the universe want’s that. It is better to respect their boundaries and keep distance in the friendship.

Allow you to be honest

The best friend is one who accepts you as you are. It’s like you no need to do make up over our reality to hide it. In friendship you no need to say a lie to maintain the bond its about saying the truth and finding the solution. Its not about always appreciating the one for the goods and evils but about appreciating for the good and advising for the evils.


It’s is like answering the yes/no type question, if you agree say yes and if not say no, if you say yes for what you disagree then it is a disaster in the bond, that doesn’t mean the friendship at all.


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