Star Trek Into Darkness: Explained

This is the second instalment in the reboot series set in an alternate universe. After the events of the last movie, James Kirk assumes command of the USS Enterprise and Spock continues as the first officer. The movie brings back a villain from the original series and brings back an iconic location from the past.

The movie starts with James and McCoy trying to get off a primitive planet observed by them, Spock is trying to diffuse a cataclysmic volcanic eruption to prevent the planets destruction. Upon learning that Spock will not make it out alive, James violates the prime directive to save Spock. The prime directive prohibits the Starfleet from interfering with natural progress of a planet and its species. Spock reports this break of protocol to the Starfleet command, this causes James to be demoted to first officer and Spock to be transferred to a different ship. Rear admiral Pike is reinstated as the captain of the USS Enterprise. Shortly after a bombing in London, an emergency meeting is called. This bombing is revealed to be a trap by commander John Harrison who wanted to gather the superiors together, Harrison uses the meeting to kill most of the superiors before fleeing to the Klingon home world Kronos.

Admiral Marcus reinstates James and Spock to the Enterprise, he orders them to kill Harrison with a classified stealth torpedo. Scotty resigns after James allows the torpedos to be loaded on the enterprise, James promotes Pavel Chekov to the position of Chief Engineer. James leads the Enterprise to Kronos, he leads a small group of himself, Spock and Uhura to the surface of Kronos to retrieve Harrison. They are ambushed by Klingon patrols while looking for Harrison, they end up being rescued by Harrison who surrenders to the Starfleet.

A captured Harrison urges James to open a torpedo, McCoy and Dr Carol Marcus open a torpedo to discover a cryogenically frozen human. Harrison reveals his real identity as Khan Noonien Singh a genetically engineered superhuman, he was awoken by Marcus and forced to develop weapons. Khan reveals that Marcus wishes to start a war with the Klingon Empire, he also gives James a set of coordinates which James asks Scotty to investigate. Scotty follows the coordinates and finds a covert Starfleet facility.

Marcus intercepts the Enterprise in his own ship USS Vengeance which is a much larger warship, Marcus demands that James deliver Khan to him. James commands the Enterprise to set a course to earth, he aims to expose Marcus. Vengeance disables the Enterprise near the moon and prepares to attack, Carol reveals her presence on board to try and stop the attack. Marcus forcibly beams his daughter back to his ship and orders the Enterprise’s destruction. Scotty who secretly climbed aboard the Vengeance prevents the Enterprises destruction by powering the Vengeance down.

James uses this opportunity to space jump onto the Vengeance with Khan to defeat Marcus. After fighting their way to the bridge Khan kills Marcus and turns on the Enterprises officers, he assumes command of the Vengeance and demands the torpedos that contain his crew. Spock and McCoy comply but remove the frozen crew from the torpedos. The officers are returned to the Enterprise before Khan could learn the truth. An enraged Khan shoots at the Enterprise and manages to damage it, Spock detonates the torpedos given to Khan. Both the ships are damaged and get trapped in the Earth’s gravity, James enters the Enterprises reactor to manually realign the ship.

Khan crashes the Vengeance in San Francisco to destroy the Starfleet base. Spock chases Khan in the city to capture him, after a brief fight with Uhura’s help Khan is captured. McCoy uses Khans blood that has regenerative properties to save James’s life. Khan is resealed cryogenically with his crew. One year later the Enterprise prepares for a 5 year mission, James once again leads the Enterprise towards its goals.

This wrap the penultimate chapter in the Rebooted series, we will take a look at the final chapter soon. Until then Live Long and Prosper.

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