For the communication language is used in two ways speech and writing. A systematic study of the spoken and written. A systematic study of spoken and written forms of language is called linguistics. The branch of linguistics that deals with the spoken forms of the language is known as phonetics. It studies the production, transmission and reception of speech sounds. It deals with all possible sounds human vocal organs can produce.

Phonetics can be classified into three groups.

  1. Articulatory phonetics: It deals with the movements of the speech organs in the production of speech sounds. It studies how the outgoing air from the lungs is regulated along the vocal tract to make different speech sounds.
  2. Acoustic phonetics: The transmission of sound from the speaker to the listener is studied by acoustic analysis. Acoustic phonetics deals with the physical properties of speech sound like frequency and amplitude.
  3. Auditory phonetics: it deals with the reception and perception of speech sounds.

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