UNDP Equator Prize 2021

UNDP Equator prize is counted among, one of the most prestigious international prizes, the winners for equator prize are chosen from different countries. The highlight of this years Equator prize are the two winners from India – Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producer Company and Snehakunja Trust.

UNDP which stands for United Nations Development Program which is United Nations network that operates globally to recognise the efforts that contribute towards betterment of world, under this comes equator prize for which nominations are filed every year and then winners are selected.

Equator prize brings together society, its people, international bodies and other organisation, its main agenda of focus is sustainability and development of society.
Indian winners

On 15th July UNDP made the announcement through there official twitter handle that this year two Indian communities are chosen as winner and other winners from other countries include- Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico etc. This is a proud moment for all the Indians.

Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar producer company
The first organisation which belongs to the state of Tamil Nadu, which is entirely run by indigenous people of Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve and has over 1000 members. They have been working for past 8 years with crop and forest produce production and marketing and successfully helping 147 local villages to have better livelihood options. A wide range of produce is available in the reserve which is extracted in a sustainable way.

Snehakunj foundation
The trust is working for restoration and conservation of wetlands and ghats in Karnataka for almost 45 years now, and additionally Snehakunj Trust is running blue carbon project for the first time in India. they are helping forest communities and self-help groups learn and earn through sustainable ways. People are taught about farming techniques, entrepreneurship etc. helping them lead a better life.

Equator prize is a great initiative that not only recognises people and organisation but, also great ideas, thoughtful efforts and hard work that are capable of bringing positive change in the world resulting in overall development.

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