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What boosts up your confidence in social media? Apparently, the amount of kindness and appreciation from the wonderful people here on our site boosts my confidence.

Bedazzle‘ by Shamoly Khera is an effective self help book that educates the readers about how confidence sprouts inside everyone, the author has given many instances to make the readers understand some crucial topics. The book is well researched and efficacious.

‘Our ‘weirdness’ is actually our uniqueness. Our only job in this world actually is to not be like anyone else, but be the best version of ourselves.

– From ‘Bedazzle’ by Shamoly Khera.


This book explores the idea of adapting yourself to the environment around you, coming out of your comfortable zone and the significance of perspectives. I loved how the author has elucidated about discerning our aspirations and drives, a lot of you would feel reluctant to take up a job/stream of education you really love, Shamoly Khera has given an interesting example of the different dispositions we watch in the ‘Friends’ series, if you’ve watched the show, then the way the author has drawn a parallel line will definitely fascinate you.

The mindset of an individual matters a lot, in order to become successful or achieve something you should have a clear mindset. The information about the ‘Fixed Mindset’ and ‘Growth Mindset’ is one of the best insights I’ve got from this book. I’ve added some of the best insights in my book journal as well.

This book offers you the beneficial information to boost your confidence, the amount of research and the plausible instances the author has given are really convincing. If you are looking for an insightful self help book, you can go for this one.

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