Gender inequality and discrimination

Discrimination and inequality are deep rooted in the society. It can be traced back since ancient time, and this is not only on the bases of gender but, even with the skin a person is born, a person who had dark skin tone was declared a disgrace for the society they have to suffer in terms of the occupation, facilities and even to have the basic necessities fulfilled. This was a common behaviour of the society back then where a person who was born with certain skin is titled unacceptable and suffered of cruelty from his own people.

In many countries, even after so many years of independence people do suffer and the concept of discrimination and inequality is very normal for some. Specifically talking about gender-based inequality it is very common in the backward communities and in the modern society it still prevails in the thinking of people who have always accepted this as normal and not trying to change the orthodox mindset. In many cases the mindset which accepts inequality and discrimination is kind of hereditary and they can not accept change which is totally wrong. There are many households where a girl and a boy are treated differently no matter what, it is like rules are fixed but, who fix those rule ‘the society – as per the preference, likes, dislikes and most importantly what they feel is appropriate as per the narrow mindset which has not changed since infinity. It is actually painful and saddening to see a human treating another human this way, it is targeting our own people to support some ancient concepts which are hampering the growth of a society.

If we can not stop this or at least reduce the number of such incidences that are happening worldwide, how can we expect development of a nation. Afterall, we live on the same land, we breath same air, drink same water and when every one will be a part of the development process then only a nation prospers, its people prosper.

The worst part is the person who has to face all this like even from a small age for instance- if in a family there are two kids and both are treated differently then isn’t it harmful for their growth, a child can feel the difference he or she might grow introverted and disturbed mentally. If not this way, then in future, if the system remains the same the same child can experience discrimination and inequality at any other stage of life may be in terms of the opportunity they will get or even salary they will receive for the same work.

This should be learned that a person is not harmful for the society it’s the difference that we create is harmful. It is not solving any purpose but, creating unnecessary hurdles in the path of change and development. Strict laws and rules can control it up to some extend but, not fully. Today, we are still accepting changes and supporting open minded thinking so this discrimination and inequality should also end soon to have a clearer view of bright future.