Guru Purnima symbolizes offering gratitude towards Gurus; it is celebrated on the day of full moon of Ashada. The teacher not only guides a student but also shapes his life by instilling true knowledge and by giving him direction. As full moon holds an attraction and magnetism that uplifts mind, similarly gurus have that aura which makes the disciple to acknowledge the true sign and inner light. Widely celebrated by the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist communities all over the world.

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 A true guru spread the light of knowledge and wisdom to his disciples. Like the shine of silvery moon gives joy to everyone, a guru is also like that; he blesses the entire world with auspiciousness.

A guru is one who guides us through the knowledge of eternal self. A disciple should be ready to take the knowledge, keen to learn, should have faith, reverence and devotion to guru every moment.

Beside that a true guru reside all of us, the need is to look into self. So, why do we need an external guru? For example, children who want to become a researcher have to study for years under the supervision of expert educators. If we desire for knowledge, we must need an expert masters.

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Like a dark room can be lit only when somebody enters with a light or candle, the disciple also needs a guru to realize its true self. A guru can remove darkness with the light of wisdom; the inner lamp needs to be lit with the guidance of a Guru. There is a mirror within us but due to the hustle bustle of life, we are unable to visualize our inner guru. The mirror can be cleaned when you realize the true self and open to take the light within to remove the darkness of ignorance.

We all need a true guru who can show us the way through the journey of our life.